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02-09-2011, 12:26 PM
Alright, maybe I'm missing something here, I am sort of an arm chair commando. I'm all read, and not tried (yet!). So I've been looking at rims for the car. I've been looking a *long* time, I know people go to ridiculous lengths to shave weight [As the prices of wheels have reflected]. And I've read in the weight thread people with sub 14 lb wheels. :smile1:

Alright, for starters - most people are in the 16+ range on tires, my question is, if I stick with 15-16" tires, opposed to larger [or even 14 for the sake of arguement] will the tire add weight more than a larger rim and a larger [but thinner?] tire. I hope that makes sense. I'm not too keen on going too big - but I would like to buy with the future in mind. I don't plan on turning the car into anything more than a Super Daily, with potential for track [I'm sold on potential, I'd like to be ABLE to go, but in reality I likely never will - but I'm rambling, on to question two].

What is optimal sizing for a tire? I've seen so many people saying 7 is enough, I had a buddy that taught me a thing or two [He's a VW fan] who told me I shouldn't go less than 8. I don't plan on a wide body kit, and I don't mind rolling fenders, but with the least amount of hassle how big can I go? 7.5? Or maybe a better question is, what's the optimal tire size for a Super Daily? I love curvy roads, and again, I'm sold on potential.

It's a st165 & I have a stock suspension at the moment, and am still trying to decide what to replace it with, I know about the sealed rear struts and plan on removing those asap[I don't want to milk another thread out of this, if people have advice on suspension let me know - I'm kind of sold on coilovers - you guessed it, potential] Do I need to pick my suspension first and then tires? I've found some relatively cheap wheels in the 14-15 lb range.


02-10-2011, 03:31 AM
Why not go to the track?! www.scca.org

There is no optimal sizing per say. I run several different wheels for different tires, etc. It's really how everything works together. My winter tires are 205/50R16 Hankook IPikes on 7th gen wheels. Not too light (16x6.5) but works for the snow (want a narrower tire for bite on the ice).

Summer/rain tires are Hankook RS3 225/45R15 on Motegi Traklites, wheels are light 7lbs a piece 15x7.

Race tires are 275/35R15 Hoosier A6s on 15x10 Spinwerks Series 82s 15lbs. Decent trade off of weight vs size. Of course, the wheels are sacrificial at that weight (they are classed as a wear item and will eventually break).

I guess what I mean is that the tire size/wheel size will be variable against the suspension, tires, wheel offset, etc. Everything does or doesn't work together. The greater the grip from the tires the greater the roll and the more clearance you'll need under compression. The stiffer the suspension the less roll under compression the less clearance you'll require for the wheel and tire combo. If you're running coilovers you can gain more clearance inboard of the hub. If you run camber plates you can gain more clearance against the fender.

So on and so forth.