View Full Version : Wiring Nightmare - Tachometer

02-08-2011, 07:20 AM
So my tach started working again after taking everything apart and putting it back together. I'm Okay with that, but I seem to have uncovered a whole other bag of fish: I've got some aftermarket and/or jury-rigging on my computer bits. The dark wire that I mention below is soldered inside this black box whose origin I am trying to trace. It looks from the placement of the other end of the wire that the previous owners may have installed remote start and then just cut it out when they sold.

Also it looks like they drilled a hole in the firewall over the clutch to run some wires into the vicinity of the ignition which are then spliced to original(?) orange and brown wires pos speed sensors?

If anyone can identify my parts and/or speculate as to what the previous owners may have done here I'd be thrilled. I'd either like to take proper advantage of or fix what's been done.

Okay, also no pictures, something wrong with formats & sizes, i'll get a complete post up here someday.

>>So my tachometer stopped working on my 94GT and the only advice I've seen is either "make sure you're hooked up" or "plug in your spare". I'm pretty sure I'm am hooked up from the outside of the firewall, but need a little guidance from anyone who's found loose wires dangling under their steering column before. I will get some picture posted (technology is laughing at me currently) and try to get a few more accurate details, but maybe someone can help in the meantime.

Underneath the steering column I saw a single black/charcoal gray wire frayed and hanging loose. Remove all the surrounding plastic and find:

1. the wire is coming out of a little black box (2x3x1/2") as a solo wire adjacent to a long narrow harness of about 12 colorful wires that seem to go to their homes (wherever those may be).
2. along side the center console there is an identical frayed wire that is tied to wires of a seemingly unrelated harness.
3. The other end of this second wire is cut clean with no match in sight.

I am at a loss: could either of these wires have anything to do with my tach? Could it be shut off for missing a ground wire (as this one almost appears (if not for the color?))?