View Full Version : Cheak Engine Light On 1995 3SGE

02-06-2011, 11:23 PM
finally i find the place of BVSV but unfortunately someone put a water temperature sensor for radiator fan on it!!!
is this BVSV neccessary for my engine?!?
sorry for my bad language!!!
and other thing...
my cheak engine light!!!
when my car is on normal temperature if i push the gas pedal and drive my car so fast,the cheak engine light turns on!!!
when i turn the engine of and put a wire in E1 and TE2 terminal of my diagnose port,the cheak engine light alternately blink that it means no malfunction detected!!!
so why my cheak engine light turn on when i want to speed up!!!
if my car temperature is low and i speed up,the cheak light doesen't turn on!!!
i'm so sorry foor my language!!

02-07-2011, 05:38 AM
Your language is ok, we can understand you. :)
Your BVSV isn't totally necessary, but better for it if you have it on.

You're supposed to put the wire in TE1 [not TE2] and E1 to check codes when the engine isn't on.
TE2 is a separate check procedure and is supposed to be connected while driving to check for problems.

So, put the wire in TE2 and E1, drive the car with the wire still in.
It SHOULD flash the code[s] you have while you're driving. :)

Does that all make sense?