View Full Version : 91 GTS[havent thought of a cool name yet]

01-19-2011, 08:07 PM
bone stock gts
I love this car but shes lacking in the power department
it handles great on the stock setup, but who wouldnt want some coilovers and sway bars
But my first priority is to swap a 3sgte in for my tired old 5sfe
does anyone have any suggestions(maybe even links?) on where to get a full clip or even just a decent engine
lastly im lookin for feedback on the best mods to do:
-im keeping it fwd so ill eventually have to replace the tranny but not an immediate concern
-i want to bury anyone and anything in any corner
-i want all hondas/srt4's/eclipses (maybe talons) to be checking my tailights if they line up with me at stoplights[thats where the 3sgte comes in]
-i want to know what other people have done to their celis, what works what doesnt
send pics messages comments smoke signals doesnt matter