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01-07-2011, 06:49 PM
So I'm sitting first in line at a stop light turning left onto a two lane highway in CDA Idaho. This Honda behind me with everything looking stock except for a black spraypainted hood:wacko: is tailgating me.

I hate ricers so I just boost up to the speed limit (45) while he is still turning at the intersection, then he tries to get me to race him for the next 2 miles by passing me, slowing down, passing me, over and over, but I am on empty and on my way to the court house to get my proof of insurance citation taken care of.

Are all Honda drivers like this? Seems like it to me

TLDR: Honda ricers are not worth the gas:cheers:

Let's see some other stories you guys have got!

01-07-2011, 07:34 PM
Yes they are silly, BUT, I mostly have had stuff like that happen while driving my mustang. Some doosh in a new charger(i think) with the stripe, did the speedup and slowdown thing to me, on a city street between lights no less. With his gf in pass side. Hes in a brand new charger rt, im in a mildly modified 20yo mustang. I wanted to make the jerk off hand sign to him but i didnt. Posers with brand new sports cars that want to show off are dooshes.

01-07-2011, 07:38 PM
HAha, I'm going to do the jerk-off sign to the next guy lol. I usually just do the " look over and laugh " thing lol. These dousches think they are cool by racing out in the pouring rain in heavy traffic. You know they just got done watching The Fast And The Furious, and they are like, "Hey I have a Honda Civic! I have a race car!"

01-07-2011, 07:48 PM
iv had a pizza delivery guy in a dodge neon try to race me hahaha

01-07-2011, 07:54 PM
I've had people actually follow me until I pull over, then ask to see what's under the hood. I only did that once, the first day I had the car. Then they try to peel out of the parking lot. lol ok then

01-07-2011, 09:07 PM
Not all Honda drivers are like that. I used to be one!

I had two 3000GT's try to race me a few days ago, and oddly enough also made a thread on here about it lol. They were doing the same thing.

01-07-2011, 09:13 PM
Ya I know not ALL Honda drivers are like that, but they seem to be the douschiest on the road haha

01-07-2011, 10:04 PM
I remember one day I hit my turn signal to get in the right lane to go to Meijer. Some d bag in some half red half primer 98ish Civic decides that it was an invitation to race. I hear him downshift go WOT (blairing with his fart cannon) and he slowly creeps up to my window. Mind you I'm doing 55mph with cruise control on. So I decide he needs to learn his place on the food chain and I do the same. All I wanted was to get my girl some jelly bellys for her birthday, haha. I then proceed to embarrass by making him feel like he wasn't moving then got in front of him turn signal still on. I guess that made him angry because when I slowed down to turn he got in the lane I was in got next to me and mean mugged me. I lol'd.

Also not really on topic but last year 4 kids in a pos 1g DSM non turbo FWD tried to race me. I won literally without trying, and that DSM was trying hard. Haha.

I've done the jerk off hand signal to some 17 year old in an Audi with a bov instead of a bpv or whatever they normally have. We were in heavy traffic downtown as he begins to rev the piss out of his 1.8L. I look over as he and his friend giggling like the children they are. I give him the hand gesture to let them know what I think of his parents' money. They do it again at the next light so I figure they just want a revving contest. I get my exhaust near their window and give them what they want as I attempt to deafen them. They left me alone.

Life is much more interesting in a bright yellow car.

01-07-2011, 10:15 PM
Haha nice, I love reading street racing stories, anybody else have some pwnage they'd like to share? XD

01-07-2011, 10:21 PM
I figure ricers are like a scared dog, if I dont look them in the eye they wont see it as a challenge and start "barking", but douchebag domestic punks with factory exhaust on their new hemi or mustang make me laugh when they think it scares me when they rev next to me at an intersection.

I WILL NOT street race you, you morons! (But I will take the opportunity to blow off the HKS right next to them before I peel off and go my own way)
Im a touge guy at heart. I prefer to race the elements than someone else.

01-07-2011, 10:36 PM
A friend of mines brother lives in Minneapolis, had some guys follow him and ask him if he wanted to sell the intercooler from his Mitz Conquest. ...Here, sure, take it. 20 bucks and its yours!

01-08-2011, 07:25 AM
I'm mostly a freeway freak anymore. The main problem I have with honda drivers these days is blocking up my left lane. It's hard to tell the difference sometimes, between the honda drivers doing that... and the subaru forrester/outback/legacy hatchback driving, northface backpack carrying, ski toting white rastafarians doing the same thing around here though.

01-08-2011, 10:08 PM
and the subaru forrester/outback/legacy hatchback driving, northface backpack carrying, ski toting white rastafarians doing the same thing around here though.

Aroung here those rigs are driven by women with short hair...and have little rainbow and/or greenpeace stickers on them. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

01-09-2011, 05:37 AM
If it's local I hand them a card for the local race club that has the schedule on it and tell them to quit being douchebags.

Has actually worked a couple of times and they've learned that in order to drive as hard as we do on the track, would kill you on the streets. Makes me pretty proud actually.

New Guy
01-10-2011, 08:50 AM
Well, see. I have this Geo, see... It's a Tracker. Doesn't look too terribly menacing... Kinda sits a little crooked, one of the leaves on my front axle (I threw a straight axle under it, mega flex!) so people think it's... I dunno, sporty, I guess. Anyway, I put a big ol' glasspack on it just for the sake of replacing the factory exhaust (I punched a hole in it, was leaking up into the cab) so it makes a nice purr... But it's virtually silent at idle. Gives me a ton of down-low torque, I love it in the rocks.

I'm sitting at an intersection in Gallup, New Mexico and some little Civic pulls up next to me. I sometimes have to coax the Geo into gear, you know? Old, abused auto transmission (not anymore, I have a rebuilt unit installed. That was exciting!) and it would slip into first gear... So I'm kinda blipping the gas to get it moving forward and the guy in the Civic (primer black hood, lawl) takes it as a challenge to race so he darts ahead to the next light. I casually roll up next to him, pop it into neutral, and I revved the piss out of that 1.6. Thankfully, the valve float wasn't bad that day and it sounded a little intimidating. The Civic guy glanced over at me and sort of leered, I guess, thinking that his 1.6MPI Honda engine could possibly outdo my Suzuki 1.6 for bottom-end torque... I'm driving a miniature SUV, mind you, so I've really got launching torque out the ying.

I hit the gas and stomp the brakes and let it spool up as best as a naturally aspirated 1.6 liter anything can and waited for the green light. It flicked over so I let off the brake and my Geo did what it does best... Roast its oversized tires! I was actually speeding, in a Geo, before I made the next stoplight. The Civic guy made a left turn as soon as he could.

I have so many stories of my Geo, the Civic Squisher... And don't get me started on my mom's Grand Cherokee with the Mopar 360... That sucker will roast all four tires all day.


Ignore the valve float, that was a bad day. Video was taken using a cheapie, hand-me-down digital camera.

david in germany
01-10-2011, 12:09 PM
I don't know what it is about Audi drivers but it seems that most of them are douches.. picture this, I am running about 85-90 mph in traffic (autobahn) with a car or 2 in front of me (I am keeping my distance). Douche bag Audi driver gets about 20 feet behind me an flashes his high beams to get me out of the way, cars to my right, cars to the front I am boxed in.. Cars in front finally move out of the left lane and I get on it.. where is douche bag Audi driver? Oh, that is him about 2 miles back, mini running 140mph + can't keep up huh? FU!! My wife will agree, Audi's are the worst for this and even she will blast them on the autobahn.. Pisses them off too, their $70k car vs my <$30k Mini :hehe:

01-11-2011, 06:36 AM
Around here, the worst/ biggest tools are: Honda drivers, BMW drivers, and Mustang drivers.

01-12-2011, 02:44 AM
Honda drivers around here seem to be pretty bad about wanting to race, especially when I'm driving the Integra. It's odd though, when I'm driving the Teg I'm more inclined to do the same. Maybe Honda put something in the cars that make people turn into ricer-douches, lol.

I've had people I work with ask if I want to race them but they always back down when I say I won't do a straight-shot drag race but I'll gladly race them through the canyon.

Best "street race" story I got though was from about a year ago while driving my stock GT-S. It's a good one, albiet a bit long:

I decided to go cruising up the mountain up to Snow Basin ski resort from north Ogden, my roommate decided to go along cuz there was nothing better to do that day (around 2-3 pm). So we got through the canyon and made the right turn to head up the mountain when this guy rolls up next to us in the passing lane. I'm doing the speed limit (55-ish) and this guy came up quick, slowed down getting alongside and revved. I look over and it's an older guy with his lady-friend in this orange C6 (?) Z06 'vette. He looked over, gave it a little gas and tore off up the mountain. Well I decided to drop into 4th and see what happens but don't really push too hard, I knew in an uphill power is king and I didn't have anything on the vette. My roommate was asking if I thought I could catch him, not really understanding much about cars, and I tell him probably not meanwhile I'm nochalantly used the entire road to my advantage and try to carry more speed (hitting apexes while passing and such, and always turn signals).

Well we get to where the road either drops back down to I-84, or turns right and goes the rest of the way up. I was headed up anyway and I see the vette about 8 car-lenghts in front going the same way. At this point he could see me again and I hear him rev, put up a little smoke and gun it, this is where the fun started. Some of the road is downhill while it climbs and then its all downhill about a mile from the resort, so I make the right and build some momentum for the climb. I get about 3/4 of the way up and I realized (since I run the route a few times a month at night and know the turns) that I had closed the gap to about 4-5 car lengths during the climb as we hit a small flat section and he could see me. We only had about 500-600 yards till it all turned to downhill and he hit it again to try and get away. So we got to the top and I had managed to keep it "close". Once I hit the crest though it was over, his 5-6 car lead he had quickly shrunk to less than 1 car in about a 1/2 mile.

Had it not been for the blind corners and traffic I would have passed him, but I was content to just stay on his ass the rest of the way down tires screaming the whole way. He pulled off at the resort while I doubled back and continued my nice weekend drive, this was during the summer btw so there was nothing going on where he stopped except maybe some explaining why he lost to a "little red pos" lol.