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12-23-2010, 10:09 AM
over the past week ive been slowly finding out and fixing the bugs here and there with my newly "finished" project. well, its been raining alot lately and my wipers dont work...(as a temporary fix ive splced into the 2nd speed wire and wired it to a toggle switch so i have some sort of window wiping action) but it would be nice to havethe normal handle switches working. heres my problem:

also, to test for an electrical current, im using this
its a basic circuit tester. where you make a small piercing thru the wire insulation and it connects to the wire, runs thru the wand, turns the red light on, and grounds out.

1)i do not get any volts thru the wires right before the plug to the wiper motor.
2) i tapped into all of the wires, while trying all 4 different speeds on each wire, and didnt get any signal thru the wires. these were the ones coming directly off of the wiper branch switch and that routed under the steering wheel column.
3)my hazards work but my blinkers dont....
4)my horn doesnt work, but when i press it i heard a clicking noise. the same noise you hear when you press the lock or unlock button.

my theory is that theres a main power wire that goes to all this stuff and powers it. the only large wire i can think of is this one.

any idea what this large plug is? ( the 2 prong white/red one. id assume its for all the A/C and heater sstuff since thats all currently out, but its fuse is grouped with the alternator fuses...if you pull out the 60ampfuse, this wire no longer gets a 12volt signal from the battery.

12-24-2010, 09:44 PM
Not sure this is going to help, but will try:

Your horn switch will have a green wire going to it. When the horn switch is activated, the switch grounds this green wire. That allows current to flow through your horn relay, downstream of the 15A Haz/Horn fuse. Because your hazard lights work, this fuse is OK. When current flows through the horn relay coil, it connects the wire from the 15A Haz/Horn fuse to the green with red stripe wires going to the horns. If you have your air bag removed from the steering wheel, you could try to ground the green wire in the horn switch and see if the horns work. Try the steering wheel ground itself and, if that doesn't work, try a chassis ground. If the chassis ground works, you have some kind of ground problem with the steering column.

Your windshield wiper switch is feed power from a blue wire. That switch outputs to 3 wires, which are blue with white stripe, blue with black stripe, and blue with orange stripe, all 3 of which go to your wiper motor. Your wiper motor also has a blue power wire going to it, which is hot when the ignition switch is turned to the ON position. You will want to check to make sure you have 12VDC power on the blue wire at the wiper motor when the ignition switch is turned ON.

Your turn signal switch gets power from your 10A Turn fuse, which is a green wire with orange stripe coming from the fuse to your Hazard Switch 6-wire connector. From there, a green wire with red stripe leads to your turn signal flasher. Your turn signal flasher is grounded by a white wire with black stripe. A green wire with white stripe leaves the turn signal flasher and goes up your steering column to the turn signal switch. From your turn signal switch, a green wire with black stripe leaves (for a left turn) and a green wire with yellow stripe leaves (for a right turn). Those wires go to junction boxes which connect your front and rear high wattage filament in your double filament bulbs.

There are too many things not working in your steering column for the problem to be a single source. It almost sounds to me that several connectors are not connected, which together are accounting for your problems. Not sure why that would be in the first place, but wiring diagrams don't lie.

12-25-2010, 03:07 AM
Have you checked the horns themselves to make sure they aren't bad? Mine quit blowing recently and both horns were bad. To check them, run a hot wire from the batter to the tab on the horn with the wire harness plugs in. The clicking noise you're hearing could be the relay click, which if this is the case, you've got power that far. If I remember correctly, next stop after that in the circuit is the horn.

12-26-2010, 05:49 AM
hmm, its possible somethings been disconnected. ill definately check in the morning. i havent actually tried to follow wires yet and follow them to the battery.

oh! also, on the drivers side: my window controls all work, except i can only roll the passengar window down and not up from the drivers side. but it rolls up and down with the passengars button. could that be related to my steering wheel electronic problem? since everything seems to meet at the fuse/relay/plug panel.

also, when i turn on my lights, my left blinker stays on solid. and even the green blinker light lights up solid. wierd...

12-27-2010, 01:55 AM
I know on my celica that my horn wasen't working and my hazards would work. I ran a wire from the altenator to the horn relay to supply it 12v. For some reason it wasent getting 12v through the white wire. This was all to pass inspection years ago.

12-27-2010, 05:47 AM
there couldve been a short in your wire. but my horns are my least of my worries right now.

its hard to drive safely without blinkers or wipers. my wipers are temporarily rigged to a switch to work on a decent speed. but it would be nice and convenient to have my branch switch to work. i didnt get a chance to diagnose my wiring today but tomorrow mornings devoted solely to getting my stuff to work. hopefully some electrical cleaner in the plugs will work :)