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12-19-2010, 01:23 AM
Greetings - and may I just say - Kudos - great forum you have here!:headbang:

The background:

My wife's first car was/is a 91 celica st - it's been a great car, but threw a rod at 284,xxx some odd miles. When it happened this last summer my wife was going through breast cancer surgery/radiation, etc. (she's only 35 to boot!) so it was easier/quicker to just replace the car. She was under the impression that we traded in the Celi, but it made it's way to storage instead. We got an 04 wrx - and while she liked the speed - she REALLY missed the Celi! Soooo.....here we go - the Celi's out of storage and ready to be restored.

What shall we do?

Well, the exterior is in decent shape, but since we'll have some down time, and it doesn't have DD duties (for now) We've decided to take care of the body work and a fresh coat of paint at the same time. The interior could use to be "freshened up" a bit too - but that may wait for now - we'll see.

She's LOVE"S the Celica handling - but I think she's getting used to "pep" of the wrx. Soooo....with the help of a donated ae92 (with only 39,xxx miles) we now have a 4agze to drop in.

The timeline:

This may be the most trouble - my wife and I both run our own businesses - so free time is at a premium! so, while updates may come slowly - I'd love to keep you guys posted - Lord knows I'll have questions too!!!

Thanks for reading - and I'll post some before pics as soon as I figure out how!

ps - on the timeline - I'm finishing some welding on the car hauler this weekend - so we should have the Celi back up the hill to the garage this week.......

12-27-2010, 02:22 AM
what are you doing with the blown 4a?Cause I might need a part or 2 of it

07-05-2011, 10:37 PM
OK - I've finally found a bit of free time! When I said time would be at a premium, I didn't know it would be this bad!

Got the 4afe pulled out and let me tell ya - a 20 year old car up here in "salt the #%&* out of the road" country took more than 1 bottle of PB Blaster. Other than that it was pretty straight forward - just spent some extra time reading and making sure everything was marked.

I did end up going with a 4agze out of an AE92. The engine looks to be in pretty good shape and preformed well in the compression test, so we should be good there. They should definately sell this engine with a shoe horn though - if it's going into a 5th gen Celi anyway! But once she's in, every thing seems to seat perfectly.

Since I got the full front clip, I decided to try to use the new tranny as well. I had read story's of people having problems with the axle lengths, so my next task was to try to test fit them. Again (and maybe this from me being so green at this!) these were a PITA to get in. But again - once the hub assemblies were back together, everything fit just right. I'm not where others problems with the axles have come from? Maybe from the MR2 or the AE101?? Anyway, happy to say - no problems here (yet).

Now, it's on to the wiring. I really want to complete this swap in it's entirety by myself - but that being said, I'm seriously considering enlisting the help of Dr Tweak here. I'll take another lok tonight I guess. There's some pretty good wiring write ups around - but no much on this one in particular - that I can find anyway.

Thanks to everyone on here!!!


07-05-2011, 10:43 PM
Hey JDM - I realize it's been 6 months (!) - but the 4a is going to be scrap, if you still need anything. Thanks,


07-06-2011, 01:04 AM
Nice Job!

I would love to see some pictures of the swap.

07-06-2011, 01:17 PM
I'll try to get some pics uploaded soon - tho it's still a wiring mess right now!