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12-15-2010, 02:44 AM
hi guys and gells

please stay with me on this as im new and may go off the beaten track time to time!
i have owned my 1989 toyota celica st165 now for around two and a half years i have done many modds which i will put in my profile as soon as i get a chance :D but at the moment im working on my car (mieeka) shes done me proud over this last year but is taking a good part of my time. At the moment im battling with an engine change or a head change i have just brought a 165 engine that came with the gearbox and all other parts injectors, starter exc.. but i think its off the 87-88 model? anyway its in the garden ready to go in! this is because i have an oil leak and was thinking shes gonna blow the leak was ther after turning the boost up on a supra turbo!! or so i thought! well i thought it was the valve stem oil seals in the head so i brought an all singing all dancing kit. mls gasket the lot only to find after running her in 500 miles then turning bust up to find it wasnt the seals but a crack in the head (the usual place near alternator)so i turned the boost down and it was fine! but now its leaking on stock boost when my foot gets a lil heavy so i have a question ............

do i put the new engine in 165 or put the 185 p+p head on the 165 block thats still in the car and use the engine in the yard for a project and uprate the whole lot? which i was going to if i fixed the leak!

my problem is i dont know if the 185 head will fit the 165 block (all other parts are not a problem as they are avalible if needed ) any help would be great!!

regards scott

12-15-2010, 04:22 PM
I am 98% sure the 185 head will bolt up no problem to the 165 block. But you will need the 185 valve cover and maybe some other minor things.

12-16-2010, 01:40 AM
great news thanks !! i can get injectors which are different and the wiring to them rocker cover exc i just wanted to know if the oil holes and water holes lined up nicly or had to be opened as such? if this is the case of a strait bolt up im tempted to do a sneaky job and make the engine in the yard a 2.2 with the 5s-fe crank im not sure if thats right but i read about it some where mabe a year ago any info from some one who has done this would be a blessing but if not might just do a top to bottem strip and uprate the whole lot !

once again cris thanks!!

12-16-2010, 05:22 PM
Hehe no prob. Yep a lot of people have gone with a 5S crank, good way to go 2.2L for sure. :) Oh yes you mentioned injectors, the fuel rail is different as well and wouldn't line up. But I'm sure I've seen a few people install the 185 head before without any major issues.

12-16-2010, 06:47 PM
thats good then at least im not the first to try with the 185 head to be honest i was chating with my friend today and im thinking of droping the the 165 iv got in the yard in the car then doing all the mods to the one with the cracked head but this is all use full info as if im not the only one to do this! so thers got to be a right up some where if im in dieastraits! im not a novice to the engine so it shouldnt be to hard my friend told me that the 165 ecu dosent like the 185 injectors but im not sure however i might just pick up a 185 ecu and loom from some where but if you do know of any write ups on the 5s that would be great ! im not leaching i promise just not a vencher i want to take on my own if you know what i mean lmao

once again thanks criss

ok tonight im going to add some pics and info on my car with work and mods iv done! your all welcome to come laff or criticize im good for a joke or two and dont plan on staying a noob for long so dont feel like your bullying the new guy

01-24-2011, 05:52 PM
everything bolts on, and you shuldnt worry about ecu, coz ijectors on st185 and st165 are the same resistance (~2-4 Ohm)