View Full Version : 1999 Celica GT Code P0340

12-10-2010, 05:45 AM
First time poster here with what seems to be a tough code to diagnose.

I have a 99' GT Convertable with a 5S-FE 2.2l w/5spd Trans throwing a code P0340. From what I've been able to find out is that code can be a result of many different issues.
1) Camshaft positioning sensor
2) Crankshaft positioning sensor
a) something about an under 600rpm
b) something about an above 1500rpm
3) Short or fualty wiring
4) Starter (signal recieved by ecu)
5) Fualty ECU

The real problem is that I cannot find info that is specific to my year model. Meaning that I have a dizzy with a 2wire connector presumably the G+ & G- terminals of the camshaft positioning sensor. Which is the only sensor in the distributor. The ignitor and coil are remote mounted and located on a bracket on the firewall and Crankshaft positioning sensor is bolted to the block at the crankshaft pulley.

I have found some post where they listed the ohm reading specs but without knowing for sure that they were the specs for this particular setup I can't feel certian that I'm accually ruling out any of the sensors as a bad part. The specs I found apparently from a 99' GT 2.2l 2wire Dizzy were.

Camshaft Pos: 150-275 ohm
Crankshaft Pos: 900-1400 ohms
tested w/engin cold

I really need a FSM for this exact year and model. I think it's the RM660-u or at the least someone with this FSM to help a brother out an give me the correct specs upon which to fiqure this little b$tch out.

Moreover, the battery is fully charged reading 12.89 volts w/ key off engine off. The cap(denso), rotor(Denso), plugs and wires(NGK) are new(replaced after recieving MIL code). Car was wrecked before I got it (meaning it slid down the road side ways a bit the and through some grass finally stopping at an inmovable object that impacted on the front LH corner of the bumper) with mostly cosmetic damage. The code didn't come up until about 3 days and 200 miles later.