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11-30-2010, 04:14 AM
Today I happened to hit a bump good enough to rip my muffler completely off, tomorrow I will fix it temporarily.

I purchased a "Megan Racing M-Spec II Muffler" and I have plans to build 2.5" stainless header back, no cats.

Has anybody here built exhaust like this on the ST204? If so any advice on how to bend it and make it fit snug?

I have welding class in the afternoon, so i have good access to machinery. I will ask if we have the capability to bend exhaust pipe.


12-10-2010, 09:32 PM
Exhuast welding can be tricky one little misalignment can translate to your pipe hanging to far on one direction or the other. However it's only metal so cut it and try again. There's nothing more satisfing than building some thing from scratch and having it work just like you want it. If you live in a emissions state where a cat is a must I would get a test pipe(ie. a hollowed out cat) from somewhere like eBay that matches the bolt pattern of your stock cat and run it in place of the stock one in between inspections.

If you have access to a weld shop you might have a hydrualic bender which bend pipe around an interchangable predetermined die radius. It also crimps the inside of the pipe curve leaving a not so smooth flowing channel for exhuast gases to pass through.

A madrel bent pipe is the best to have being that it's shaping process doesn't leave any flow restrictive crimps. Occasionally you can find a decent cheap set online like eBay or else where.