View Full Version : scottish 1990 gen 5 celica gt 2.0 (danny chapmans)

11-07-2010, 08:40 PM
bought this car in a sorry state and always wanted it the day i saw it. the previous owner had it from new but left it on his garden for 4 years!!! heres a list of things i have done so far:

1. fixed power steering pipes

2. replaced n/s front wing

3. taken out front headlight washers and smoothed the holes

4. removed the bump strips on the doors and filled holes

5. replaced the sills with new welded sheet metal

6. taken out the aerial and smoothed the hole

7. taken all badges off

8. painted wheels black

9. filled little holes with filler and stopper

10. primed whole car with 3 coats of highbuild primer

11. coloured interior airvents and dial surround the cars next colour

12. fixed exhaust

13. installed new headunit, amp and subwoofer

14. steam cleaned engine bay

i have just bought side skirts to put on and the whole car will be painted soon by myself. i will tint all lights black to go with new colour. i will post pics on her soon but to see some pictures of my celica look in members rides gallery under nairnman. i will try and keep up to date and like i said will put pics on here soon