View Full Version : standard amp in gen 5

10-30-2010, 06:40 PM
hi im new here and hoping someone can help. my gen 5 has a sound box or amp installed as standard. is there a way or how to bypass it. maybe even remove it but still have sound to my speakers. hope this makes sense thankyou

11-21-2010, 12:48 AM
I figured I'd answer just in case.
If you remove your radio from the dash and follow the harness back you'll find 2 white connectors on the top right [for left hand drive, RHD will probably be top left] rear of the radio "hole".
Unplug these and connect the 2 ends that run to the radio together [you'll have the other 2 ends hanging, just wedge them out of the way.

This bypasses the amp; if you have 10 speakers stock you'll lose your 2 4" dash speakers I believe, but the rest should work.