View Full Version : Turbo Timer issue

10-26-2010, 12:11 AM

My st205 came with a FET TB-307 turbo timer which not working properly, and has since been replaced with my remote start. Now the turbo timer randomly turns itself on causing the battery to go dead or the remote start to not enter reservation mode.

My question is can I just cut the harness to this thing and isolate each wire with tape or am I going to have to crawl under the dash and detach each wire

10-26-2010, 01:10 AM
Depends on how it was installed. A nice clean timer installation uses a jumper harness between the factory harness and the ignition switch plug. If it was installed that way you can simply remove that jumper harness. If it was cut and spliced or inline connectors or what-have-you, it would be best to get under there and make sure you remove all the wires at their terminus. But, the quickest and simplest way if that were the case would be to simply find the incoming power wire for the timer and remove/cut it.