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10-19-2010, 08:37 AM
OK so another member asked me for help with his turbo. Here is what I was able to provide, can anybody prove, or disprove my statements?? I told him to hold off until everyone had a chance to confirm or disprove the statements provided.

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12:00 am: I like pie.
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:00 am: hey chris g
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:00 am: can you help me out with a question regarding my turbo
[Chris_G.] 12:01 am: I can do my best
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:01 am: kool
[Chris_G.] 12:01 am: whats your question?
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:01 am: well my turbo isnt spooling and i wanted to know what can cause this to happen
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:02 am: this is wat i checked
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:02 am: i was told to check my intercooler
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:02 am: and make sure its on tight
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:02 am: i checked for vaccum leaks
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:02 am: i spun the turbo while it was off
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:03 am: and than afterwords i turned on the car with the afm off to see if the turbo spins while its on
[Chris_G.] 12:03 am: so your impeller is spinning, but its not building pressure?
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:03 am: exactly
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:03 am: and also
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:03 am: yea
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:03 am: lol
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:03 am: thats basicly sums it up
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:03 am: its not holding pressure
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:04 am: it was working before
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:05 am: like just reving the motor we were able to hear it
[Chris_G.] 12:05 am: are the bearings in the turbo good?
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:05 am: how can i tell
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:05 am: or check it
[Chris_G.] 12:05 am: is there any play in the shaft of the impeller or is it noisy at all?
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:06 am: nope
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:06 am: no play and no noise
[Chris_G.] 12:06 am: Is it a new turbo?
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:06 am: yes
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:06 am: rebuilt ct26 60trim
[Chris_G.] 12:06 am: Is there a O ring on your wastegate?
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:07 am: i dont know what an o ring is
[Chris_G.] 12:07 am: its a black little rubber ring thats shaped like a big O
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:07 am: i wouldnt know
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:07 am: its the waste gate
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:07 am: is the wastegate
[Chris_G.] 12:08 am: it could be a manifold leak, intercooler piping, wastegate not sealing, a non-functioning wastegate. a whole slew of things
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:08 am: like right next to the turbo
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:08 am: in this black canister mini looking thing?
[Chris_G.] 12:08 am: im not sure.. its the thing that relieves the pressure when you shift, like a Blow off valve
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:08 am: is there a way to check n see if the wastegate works
[Chris_G.] 12:09 am: yes, there is a video on Youtube lol
[Chris_G.] 12:09 am: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b1KfSZayRg
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:09 am: lol
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:11 am: he doesnt explain enough
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:11 am: like how much to compress
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:11 am: where to compress
[Chris_G.] 12:12 am: ah. Well im still looking around for the right info. I am going to send you some interesting links that should help
[Chris_G.] 12:12 am: http://www.supraforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=147827
[Chris_G.] 12:13 am: the CT26 apparently uses an internal wastegate...
[Chris_G.] 12:13 am: http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-261693.html
[Chris_G.] 12:13 am: So that means its more likely to be a leak somewhere.
[Chris_G.] 12:16 am: So check EVERYTHING. Intercooler piping (in and out), manifold for leaks, vacuum lines, everything you can think of. The air isnt being compressed so its seeping out somewhere. Try one of those "Leak Finder" kits from Autozone that uses UV Dye and a special light. Its A LOT safer than carb cleaner..
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:18 am: i c
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:19 am: Ty so much for ur input. i hope i dont have a bad turbo
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:19 am: just something else
[Chris_G.] 12:19 am: It shouldnt be bad since its new (or freshly rebuilt)
[Chris_G.] 12:19 am: otherwise its under warranty and its on the guy who worked it.
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:23 am: well
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:23 am: we had an incident
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:23 am: for a bit
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:23 am: hopfully it didnt mess it up
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:23 am: or cause to much damage
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:23 am: my car was running stupid rich for a while
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:23 am: didnt know why at the time
[Chris_G.] 12:24 am: Richness wouldnt affect it, I assume.
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:24 am: we ended up finding the problem later. But before than we noticed that my Oil spelled like fuel
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:24 am: we were getting fuel into my oil
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:24 am: and ran if a few times but only for less than 30s to a min
[Chris_G.] 12:24 am: That could be bad. The turbo has oil lines on it doesnt it?
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:24 am: few times
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:25 am: yes it does
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:25 am: but i was told
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:25 am: i ran 2 to little to cause any serious damage
[Chris_G.] 12:25 am: you probably ate a seal with the gas. But oil and fuel are both petroleum products.
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:25 am: but
[Chris_G.] 12:25 am: Gas is a ROUGH customer. running or not, the turbo is oiled or it would eat those bearings for breakfast
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:26 am: if i ate the deal
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:26 am: wouldnt i have oil probs
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:26 am: like smoke issues
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:26 am: or puddle issues
[Chris_G.] 12:26 am: not that I know of. it would all be contained in the turbo, and its hard to pull oil up with air to intake it
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:27 am: man
[Chris_G.] 12:27 am: Now, I am no expert on this turbo. I suggest making a thread and posting the information ive given to see if anyone else agrees or disagrees.
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:27 am: ive got a lot to look at on wednesday
[Chris_G.] 12:27 am: yeah lol
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:28 am: man
[Chris_G.] 12:28 am: I will post the whole conversation and see if its confirmed or not, BEFORE you pull anything apart.
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:28 am: i spent like $500 on that turbo
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:28 am: like 7months ago
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:28 am: or a little more
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:28 am: warranty is like 3-4months
[Chris_G.] 12:28 am: It could still be something small, just gotta have the turbo experts chime in
[SoCal8All8Trac] 12:28 am: so im already gone on warranty

10-19-2010, 02:57 PM
SoCal8All8Trac: In this situation, I would start with the easiest things to check before moving on to more involved diagnoses...

1st- Buy/make a leakdown tester. This will pressurize your motor without it actually running so that you can find any boost leaks ( you will hear them hiss). Replace any vaccum/boost lines if needed.

2nd- Since the turbo is spinning when the car is on, that already cancels out the possibility of a siezed turbo. From here, try taking a look at the wastegate actuator to see where the vacuum lines are going. It should look similar to the picture below.


If everything is attached properly, try wiggling the compressor wheel to see if there is any signifigant shaft play (there shouldn't be if the turbo has just been rebuilt).

Next I would check all of the mechanical connections to see if there are any signifigant exhaust leaks.... head to manifold, manifold to turbo, turbo to downpipe

If all of those are solid, then its time to pull the turbo off the car and see if there is any play at the wastegate flapper door. If there is, you will need to find a way to ensure that it seals properly before you can boost.

Take all the pics you can and post up all your findings here and someone will be able to help you figure it out.

Hope this helps!

10-19-2010, 05:54 PM
Thanks Bloodmoney! I didnt want to give him the wrong info so I posted here

10-19-2010, 09:22 PM
I would need to know more about the symptoms.

How much boost pressure in PSI are you making?
Is the car hesitating, bucking, feel like it's in a 'limp' mode, anything like that?
What, if any, other mods do you have?

10-20-2010, 04:34 PM
i wonder if you shattered the exhaust wheel?

10-20-2010, 05:43 PM
Assuming no major damage to the rotating assembly if it still freewheels, because you should hear it flopping around or see signs on contact on the wheels/housings. So I'd say you have a problem with your wastegate not staying closed. Check the actuator.

10-20-2010, 07:05 PM
Assuming no major damage to the rotating assembly if it still freewheels, because you should hear it flopping around or see signs on contact on the wheels/housings. So I'd say you have a problem with your wastegate not staying closed. Check the actuator.

Yeah thats what I said, and he said there was no noise, and no shaft play, so its still free.

So you suspect the actuator?? I was close.. I think i did pretty good for knowing nothing about this turbo lol

10-20-2010, 08:43 PM
I'd still be hesitant to blame the turbo until I knew more about the symptoms. :)