View Full Version : 3sge to 3sgte transplant wiring question

10-18-2010, 11:12 PM

I'm in the process of reconditioning a 3sgte motor to transplant into my 1992 Uk Gen5 st182. It has a 3sge motor at the moment and have searched but can't find any wiring comparisons between the two, every link I've found is either broken or relates to 5*** or 4*** conversions. I have the engine wiring loom from the donor vehicle which is a 92 Uk st185 along with all the original sensors, ecu and ancillaries and am wondering which looms if any will have to be modified or with the original 3sge motor being so similar to the 3sgte will it be a straight swap of the motor, ecu and loom with an additional aftermarket boost gauge?

Many thanks in advance