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10-09-2010, 07:56 AM
I don't know if anyone here is interested or in the area. But next Saturday (the 16th) is the Lake Superior Performance Rally, based in Houghton, MI. Unfortunately it's the first year that it's not a National event, so no factory teams and big names like Travis Pastrana or Ken Block. But, some pretty cool cars and big names in the regional circuit.

Right now there are 41 entrants, Including Topor, Moyle, Fetela, and the Krolikowskis in Open Class, Roman Pakos in Super Production. Looks like theres a car in Group 5 registered as an '85 Ford Sierra Pikes Peak....don't know anything about that particular car, but I'm interested in seeing more. Jim Scray's Datsun 510, the Huebbe's '70 Beetle, and the usual plethera of subarus and VWs.

I'm crew chief for the Ziptie Rally team. Running #171 '04 Subaru STi running Open Class driven by Carl Siegler, #858 '02 Impreza running Open Light by Anthony Israelson, and #558 '04 Chevrolet "S10" (I use quotes, as it's pretty much an LS1-powered baja truck with S-10-shaped fiberglass panels on it) running Group 5 by Jim Cox.



Stop by and say hi...I'm the one with all the hair/beard. And we shouldn't be hard to find in service, as we should have the NOS energy drink tent again:

Should be a great event!

website here:

Entry list:

If you can come, and would be willing to marshall (work some sort of trail crossing and make sure no innocent bystanders wander onto the hot course), you can register here: http://www.lsprorally.com/workers.html