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10-06-2010, 06:16 PM
Anybody from alltrac.net might recognize this thread. But you probably cant find it anymore. Robert has deleted my thread 4 times and moved the original thread to a private/hidden area of the site.

Robert Pina the owner of 935 motorsports also owns the forum alltrac.net.

I have posted this same thread there 4 times now each time Robert has been deleting them. I have talked to one of the mods there and he told me that this is something jnone of them would get into. This is the type of thing Robert Pina has resorted to. Hiding his past.

All I want to do is get this info out to the public. I do not want to slander or bad mouth Robert Pina and 935 motorsports. All I want is to put my experiance out there. If Robert is a bit more encouraged to pay me back because of this bad press so be it. But after almost 2 years I havent seen anything.

Robert tells us (the numerous people he owes) that he has $5,000 worth of inventory and now that 935 motorsports has a bad name he cannot sell any of it to get the money to refund people.

Sorry for one of my first posts being a bad review, but I am sick of him hidingand deleteing my posts.


Below is from my first thread

Coles notes
-I bought an Aussie Downpipe in march/09
-Robert cannot get the part
-says he will give refund
-months go by. Robert leads me on saying he will refund
-cant get a visa chargeback because it has been too long
-I try to get other parts in lieu of downpipe
-Robert never gets those parts
-now on alltrac.net numerous other "customers" are trying to get their money back
-Currently Robert says he will give out refunds. But no one that needs the refunds is getting anything

I belive this should be up in a general section of the board for all of the alltrac communities Knowledge.

Robert from 935 Motorsports, also the owner of this site, knowingly owes myself and many other members refunds for attempted purchases from his online business. Here is my story;

March 2/2009- I purchased an Aussie Downpipe from his website 935motorsports

March 3/2009- Robert called me acknowledges the order we put my visa info through. Robert informs me it should take 4-6 weeks for delivery. (quicker than I had originally expected)

June 1/2009-After the timeline he originally gives comes and goes I try to get updates on my order. He tells me Aussie isnt responding to him. He tells me if he cannot get through he will have to cancel the order. He tells me he will get back to me in 2 days.

June 8/2009-Robert finally responds after I email him asking the status again. we confirm the order should be cancelled and he will cover any fees or exchange differences of the amount I paid him.

June 16/2009-Robert still has not put the CC refund through tells me he will be sending an email with confirmation numbers

June 22/2009-Rbert now tells me his credit card machine is down and connot issue my refund that way.

July 2/2009-Robert and I agree on a money order. He tells me "I have not had a chance to get to local market/postoffice/etc to get the money order"

July 7/2009-I give Robert an alternative to the refund. I tell him I am looking for a couple of greddy parts and that if he sent those in lieu of the Aussie pipe that would work.

July 21/2009-after a couple of emails confirming the change in product he confirms the new order with me and lets me know he would pick it up thursday.

July 29/2009-I still have not recieved any product. Robert emails me telling me "They are in!!
Let me run and grab them, so I can ship out"

Aug 18/2009-after not neing able to get ahold of him he finally emails me back. He tells me he sent my info to the company hoping they would "drop ship" to me. He says they won't drop ship to Canada. He tells me "So we are back at square one. I have to pick it up, then ship it. The items are there"

Aug 20/2009-I am asking robert when he is going to ship the products. He says he will send them off by the end of the week.

Aug 24/2009-I ask if the items have been shipped. He returns an email saying no it hasnt been shipped. He also smuggly mentions "If you would like a daily update, to report that it is not shipped, I can do that". I thought I was the customer? Is it wrong to ask where the prodsuct I paid for is? especially since you said it would already be shipped.
He also tells me he can't pick up the items today because he is delivering a customers car, so he says he will "shoot for tuesday"

Sept 6/2009-I email him sept 1. He finally responds and tells me he still hasnt been able to pick up the parts. Now he asks if I have an american address.

Sept 9/2009-I find a distant family member in San Fransisco I have never met before to do me a favor and recieve and forward the parts. I send the new info to Robert.

Sept 10/2009-Robert acknowledges the info and tells me he will get the info to his shipper.

Oct 2/2009-After sending a couple of emails to Robert asking the status of the order I finally get a reply. He tells me he will check into if they had shipped or not.

Oct 19/2009-After several more attempts to get ahold of Robert to find the status I get another reply stating "Can’t get a hold of supplier. Might have to make a drive down there to find out what is going on. It’s about 15 miles away.I know the goods are sitting there."

Nov 4/2009-Several more emails sent to Robert with no answer. Finally responds "I have not been down there this week, I’m really hoping to get it done before Friday because it is taking way too long."

Nov 14/2009-After telling him I will cancel the order through my credit card company, reporting his business to the BBB in his area and several unreturned emails I get this response
"the status is the same.
I have not made it to the shop to pick up.
If they would ship it to Canada for me, that would be ideal.
I’ll have to ask Monday. You are welcome to do what you need to do, but I will still be working on getting those parts to you or the refund."

Nov 20/2009-I make a complaint against 935motorsports to the San Diego BBB

Dec 17/2009-I emailed Robert dec 8 he finally returns the email.
"I think this was the last email you had sent me.
I was under the impression that you no longer wanted the greddy parts?
I’m selling off some inventory this weekend and will have paypal available.
It will be distributed to whoever has been waiting the longest, so I will have to check dates as far as yours is concerned.
There should be enough to at least provide partial payment for the amounts due. I will post more information this weekend on the forum."
So I tell him figure out what he wants to do. I want either my money or the agreed upon parts.

Jan 5/2010-BBB responds telling me he would not respond to them.

Jan 18/2010-I ask him when he will refund me my money and when. He responds asking for paypal option. I havent had a paypal accnt and I don't really want one so no I dont.

March 2/2010-After no replies to me but various posts around alltrac.net I call him out in an email. He the returns an email
"As I mentioned on the forum, I’m issuing refunds by the order of date.
I know this will not make people happy, but I can’t think of any other way to fairly get things taken care of. I have to finish refunding # 2465, then turn to yours".

June 3/2010-Still no response when asking about when I can expect my money back then he tells me
"As mentioned in my post, I will be refunding $200 to each person involved. From there, I will go down the list, and continue to refund $200 at a time, until situations are resolved.
According to the order of things, you will be the 3rd person to receive a $200 payment."

July 29/2010-I am typing out this timeline. I have not got a reply to various mesages I have sent him in the last month.

I am sick of this waiting game. I think I have been more than accomadating to Robert. I tried to cancel the charge on my visa directly with visa but Robert lead me along long enough that I could no longer try to change the charge (this was around the same time I made the complaint to the BBB). I have all the emails with Robert saved and will share with anyone intrested. In all the attempts to contact Robert the only time I have ever been able to get him on the phone was the day he acknowledged the order with me and got my visa information. Emailing with Robert has been like pulling teeth, he rarely responds in a timely manner if at all. The notes and timelines above are abbreviated there are many many more emails I could list but the thread could get much longer. These dates are the major events in the orders' history.
I may be out my $515 CAD ($385 USD)-at time of purchase. I dont want more people to lose their money to bad business practices.

To Mods and Robert I belive this should be public information. This is why I am posting it in the general section of the forum. If I remember correct the 935 motorsports forum was turned private and cant be seen by everyone. I belive this is something that whole community should be aware of. I am going to post this in a couple of forums I frequent to inform others on your past history of business.

Robert you know how to find me and you know how to refund me please let me know what you plan to do.

Thanks for reading my dealings with 935 Motorsports and Robert Pina.
Feel free to add your experiances with 935 Motorsports and Robert Pina. I know there are several of us out there that are expecting refunds from attempted orders. Maybe there even is some happy customers although I havent heard many of them.


10-06-2010, 07:36 PM
I personally never dealt with 935 and with good reason. I cant tell you how many times I saw threads posted on Celicasupra.com, supramania.com and some other import related forums by disgruntled customers. Even in the midst of those threads I saw that guy posting threads about his race car projects, so he had enough money to build a car...whos money was he using?

It seems that over the years this has happened repeatedly and in the end I usually saw that those issues were eventually resolved. Granted they took FAR more time than they should have, but by eventually resolving he somehow kept enough of his reputation alive that he continues to be allowed to sell on several forums I frequent.

Im sorry you've have to go through all that, but I also appreciate you giving such a detailed report of your experience. Hopefully it saves someone else from having to go through it.

10-06-2010, 08:49 PM
Thank you for sharing your experiences with 935 here Jeff. You can rest assured it will not be deleted - we take protecting our members from scams very seriously.

Hopefully you'll stick around! :)

10-06-2010, 09:31 PM
I'm amazed anyone bought anything from 935 when there was a whole sub forum full of complaints and unhappy customers..

10-06-2010, 11:24 PM
Thank you for sharing your experiences with 935 here Jeff. You can rest assured it will not be deleted - we take protecting our members from scams very seriously.

Hopefully you'll stick around! :)


I'm amazed anyone bought anything from 935 when there was a whole sub forum full of complaints and unhappy customers..

And now he has the 935 Vendor section hidden. But thats because other "long standing members" wanted it to be private. I don't see why other members would want it to be private but this is his answers.

10-07-2010, 11:27 AM
And just so people know that this isn't a stand alone case. I ordered some parts from Robert two years ago, it took him over two months to ship an "in stock" part (Koni front struts). I was calling him weekly and kept either getting his voice mail or the same kind of BS.

10-07-2010, 04:45 PM
The list of people on alltrac.net that are awaiting refunds is at 8 right now! and this is just alltrac.net so who knows what else is going on.

10-07-2010, 05:09 PM
found it

10-07-2010, 05:46 PM
My advice is to file a lawsuit. Small claims cases are usually about $50 to file. If he doesn't respond to the suit within 30 days you automactically win. He likely will not respond. You will be awarded summary judgement and can then seek restitution. Even if he does respond he'd have to lawyer up to actually make a defense. His postition without the help of a good attorney would be indefensable. He'd lose. I doubt he'd want to pay a lawyer to fight you. That is what I'd do.

10-07-2010, 06:22 PM
Yeah, there are still people on CS.com waiting for money, and his vendor status was revoked there. In all honesty a class action suit is probably warranted, but you cant get blood from a turnip. The real tragedy is that the harder it becomes for him to do business because of the publicity, the harder it becomes for him to pay back what he owes. So alot of people are just going to end up being out their money.

10-07-2010, 07:46 PM
Doesn't matter........what does matter is whether you shut down his ability to do this to other people. Or at the very least make it as difficult as possible. And you never know, you might just be able to do something about it. Perhaps you may even get something back, albeit unlikely. After all, this is most likely the result him robbing Peter to pay Paul.

10-07-2010, 09:48 PM
I agree, but the perspective differs if you are "Paul". From what I understand having read pages and pages of threads regarding him, he's NOT a scammer, hes just a bad businessman. He has continued to make efforts to pay people back. Some of those just happen to be on the bottom of the totem pole. If you sue him you might move yourself to the top of the totem pole, but at the cost of moving someone else to the bottom.

So if you stop him from doing business entirely, you might protect a few people from this hassle at the cost of those already fighting to get their money back. If you allow him to remain in business and "rop Peter to pay Paul" at least Paul is happy.

Its not as cut and dried as just stopping a flat our scammer, which I dont believe he is. Coming from someone that isnt owed money, my perspective differs from those like the OP here. It's really just a lose/lose, and its a shame.

10-07-2010, 10:08 PM
I have thought of trying to go the legal route and to be honest I am not sure what I can and can't do in the California legal system. Being in Canada doesnt help and believe me I have thought about making a "vacation" to drop by and see robert. But in the end all I want is my refund and spending obscene amounts of time and effort trying to go through the legal system is questionable. I have thought of trying to get most of the people who he owes money together to try going the legal route but I havent made the time to dig that far.
This is actually the most time I have spent in trying to put my story out there. I have a job to do and I need to make money to pay the bills so I focus on that. But maybe I need to look into another avenue to get my refund. I figure maybe some public pressure might help him along.
As for him not being able to sell parts because now he is thought of as a scammer. There are plenty of other ways to make money and pay people back their hard earned money. Maybe outlet the parts he has to local tuning shops, sell the shop he is in, I dunno pick a job at McDonalds!!?? But if someone says they are going to do something man up and do it.
Anyway thats my thoughts for the day haha

10-08-2010, 02:27 AM
Jeff I'm glad to see you post this up here. I've been trying to follow it at AT.net but like you said it keeps disappearing. Frankly, I was amazed that it stayed up as long as it did. I figured he'd zap it as soon as it showed up.

Welcome to Celicatech by the way. I think you'll find this is a great place. The people are really good folks and there is a good level of knowledge here. We're working on making the All Trac/GT4 section into something and it's coming along pretty well. I'm working on transfering as much of the good knowledge over to here as possible but it takes time.

Keep us posted on how this thing is going. I wish you good luck as you're probably going to need it.

10-08-2010, 10:58 PM
Oh looks like Robert Pina is at it again. He Deleted my thread on alltrac.net again. Last thread lasted a couple days but now I had to repost thread #6 regarding 935 Motorsports.

---------- Post added at 03:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:52 PM ----------

haha just to add to the last thought. Robert is making time to delete my posts yet he cant answer a couple of questions I asked him days ago?? WTF?? haha
:crash computer:

10-25-2010, 08:14 PM
Wow, Still people buying from that trader. Gosh...

10-28-2010, 06:22 AM
Wow, Still people buying from that trader. Gosh...

seriously, it took him a year to send me a set of brake pads, i ended up buying them cheaper from rock auto (axxiss metal masters) and i got them in less than 7 days. Thank you rock auto.

02-10-2011, 11:56 AM
I hate to necro threads but thanks for posting this. I had that 935 site bookmarked and was looking at aussie downpipe info on here then stumbled into this thread. I'll be going elsewhere for that part now.


02-13-2011, 01:53 PM
Stop buying from him, I never had any experience with 935 Motorsports myself, but i read a lot on a Supra forum and other forums about this Robert guy ripping other people off and not paying them back for things they bought and never recived from him.

People like that shouldn't be allowed to run a store, maybe he got money problems or something? I dont know, but that shouldn't affect the customer and I know that this have been going on for years.

Just my opinion.