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10-03-2010, 12:58 AM
Have an AC issue with my 99 Regal GS.

The only vent that blows cold air is the Passenger Left vent. The others all blow hot air. It blows out the Defrost and the floor fine.

This happened right after i had the Dash apart. I was wiring in a subwoofer to the stock Monsoon system.

Any ideas?

a quick google search shows it may be the actuator motor, but if that was the case both passenger vents should blow cold.

This car has Dual selectable climate control, so the flapper door may in fact be shut. Havent looked into the issue much at all.

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Now, if you turn the heat on it will blow out the driver side right vent. so it has to be an actuator motor.

But whats weird is that both vents that blow are on the center console, and the outer vents near the door dont blow at all.