View Full Version : 4afe cams

09-28-2010, 01:26 AM

I have not been online long time ago
but i am back
i try to fond some info abouth stock cams on my celica

but i have no luck till now
i want to know what are my stock cams onmy AT180
and what is the difference with 4afe cams on carina E(corona)

i think my stock are 193 and 192
but i am not sure
i also don't know the lift on those cams

the poin of this is
i think to try to put cams from carina with next gen 4afe engine or 7afe couse it has 100% bigger lift but i need exact nombers

the problem is that i used with the last things that i make on this car( custom ex and in manifolds,and and inlet system with K&N filter,fuel regulator, lighter flywheel and puleys)
But now this is not enought
I know that verry easy i can put 4age or 4age 20v
but i want to take out everything from this engine
i alteady get ST185 204Hp but with all things that i put in it it is verry hard to be driven for every day car

thats why i was wandering what if i try to put cams from carina or corolla with next gen 4afe or 7afe
couse i already spend alot of money on both cars and now i want to try something cheaper

If some one can help me with this little modification i can only thanks before!