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My name is Mathieu I'm a 21 year old french canadian, and massive celica fan. I fell in love with the 5th generation celica when i was a young kid and saw it zoom by when my parents were driving our old car. I started my trip down the celica road with an old black GT and a white GTS. I was planning to put them together and make an awesome car, yet it ended up going down the drain. I bought myself a red GT a year after and was in love with it. I always kept my eyes open for the ALL TRAC and the imported GT-FOUR. I planned on creating a GT-FOUR with my red GT and ended up failing on that project once again. I sold my red GT to a friend who trashed his modified civic for my old car (a serious upgrade). I found myself a Black imported GT-FOUR for 6000$. I jumped on that deal and since then I fall in love more and more every time i drive my car. I plan on keeping the celica and rebuild it from A to Z while keeping the original GT-FOUR look.

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I want pics!

And welcome to Celicatech!

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Welcome! Definitely put some pics of the GT4 up.

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Dont forget the "Fresh Meat" has to spend 10 minutes in the closet with the Grandmaster, Hubert... I mean Luni.

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Here are some pictures i took at night of my baby. I'm currently working on the crankshaft gasket that was beaten to heck thanks to the previous owner. i'm also getting new tires from the tire installation company who installed brandspanking new tires and one ruptured to shits (thank god my mag is fine. quick reaction time is key :P). i also need a new bumper the CAA (canadian version of AAA) guy who towed my celica almost ripped off the whole front bumper. But my baby is fine :P

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow if i can. The computer isn't cooperating tonight.

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I got a picture down :P. its official my pictures will need to be taken with my cell phone until i can figure out that damn camera... I think i'll stick to cars and welding instead of trying to be a soft wear technician hahaha.


i had an awesome view from where i was having a picnic. By the way her name is Candy. :biggrin:

Eric Barrera
09-16-2010, 06:48 AM
=) Thats sexy

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I like Candy. She's pretty.

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Yay another rightie !!
Welcome to the forum.

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welcome to the forum

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=) Thats sexy

Thanks man i love my cars like my women strong with the right sexy curves :P

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I like Candy. She's pretty.

She's gorgeous :P and i love the fact she makes all the little subaru fanatics in my town drool. Its a good thing she is loyal hahaha.

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Yay another rightie !!
Welcome to the forum.

oh yeah another canadian rightie eh!? haha thats awesome how long have you had your JDM import?

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more images :banana:

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Welcome aboard!