View Full Version : An update since its been a while

09-12-2010, 04:22 AM
hey guys I know I dont pop up like I use to, but I bought a motorcycle, that was occupying a lot of time, that plus work situation, and trying to get a place, and a ton of random other stuff. Since you last heard from me, a lot has changed

First of all, I no longer have my AE86, I traded it for an 86 RX7. Yes, I understand, the AE86 may have been the "choice" car but not in my situation. It had a lot of problems sprouting up and while I could have fixed them, I did not have the ability to deal with them with my other projects going on. I love my RX7 though, it needs paint bad but is solid. I have a blast driving it, just wish rotaries werent such a sensitive engine.

I just sold my 86 grand prix as well, but it went to a close buddy of mine and hope to get it back down the road. With that said, money is going in my 90 celica. I just ordered H&R springs, about to buy new struts and camber kit, and probably will install strut braces. I might do a couple other things, but this is the big thing.

So, just figured I would share with you guys.

Also, Ryan, which strut braces did you say would work best with these celicas? May be best to e-mail me, rangerxlt91@gmail.com