View Full Version : Looking for advice on 3sgte build up

09-05-2010, 04:11 PM
I'm going to get my ST165 ready for rallying and a bit of autocross. This is my plan so far. HP Goal is about 300 HP

Order ST205 Transmission (I have 3rd gear grind, and my tranny is in rough shape)
Drop the motor
Send the short block off to be hot tanked and x-ray'd (see if there's any cracking)
3 angle grind on the valves (Should I replace them with something?)
Go to shimless buckets + new valve spings
Drop in HKS 265? Cams + adjustable gears
Thinking maybe an ATS CT27 kit.

I already have a custom intake and 2.5" exhaust and have no plans on replacing the exhaust.


09-05-2010, 05:39 PM
What I'd do for 300bhp, but might come to more than $1500.

-Walbro 255Lph or Supra TT Fuel pump
-Fuel rail, either ATS bored, Wolfkatz, or dual feed
-Clean / balance injectors
-FMIC, 2.5" piping - not a cheap $100 core, spend the extra and get a high density core. I use Treadstone brand.
-CT20b or CT27
-3SGE side feed intake manifold
-BKR7EIX plugs
-New plug wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter
-Straight 3" intake, custom build airbox
-3" exhaust
-Boost gauge

Other nice to haves that might increase cost/effort much more and probably wouldn't be "essential"

-Water injection
-More gauges: water temp, EGT, oil pressure, oil temp, knock are all nice to monitor
-Metal head gasket
-Aftermarket radiator, TRD thermostat

Off the top of my head anyway.


This was quoted from my thread "more power for the st185?" If you're interested in it, there's some good info in there.
Although the quote is for 185 parts, most of the stuffs interchangable. :)

Id say get a nice FMIC. ChrisD reccomends treadstone. Here's a link for one that goes for about 300. You can find the piping for it on ebay for around 100-150. And it'll definately fit since chris and I both have ST165 bodys with the 185 engine.