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08-25-2010, 03:15 AM
All Trac / GT-four Error Codes

From the way it looks from the original AT.net posting, I think this is supposed to be a list of ST165 codes. They may or may not apply to 185's and 205's.

Ok, so your check engine light came on. You have opened the hood and checked that it is still there. Now what do you do??

Test Procedure:

Locate diagnostic box (small black box marked diag on driver's side of engine compartment)

Turn Car Off

Use a wire or paper clip and insert ends into TE1 and E1

Turn key to on position

Check number of blinks of Check Engine Light

Each "set" of blinks separated by a pause is a number.

Ex: 5 blinks, a pause, then 4 blinks would be 54.

There will be a longer pause in between each code.

Refer to the chart below.

The ECU remembers old codes, so to erase them remove the negative cable from the battery for 30 seconds.

A Constant steady blinking is normal operation

After clearing the codes, test drive the car again, then check for more codes.

*Common error code fixes are in bolt print

Code Description What to do?

11 - ECU Momentary interrupt in power Check relays, IG switch
12 - RPM No "G" signal to ECU for 2 sec after crank Starting related, check distributor, starter
13 - RPM No "NE" signal to ECU above 1000 RPM Check distributor
14 - IGN No "IGF" signal to ECU 8-11 times Check Igniter, ignition coil
21 - O2 Detection of oxygen sensor detoriation Check oxygen sensor
21 - O2 Open or short circuit in o2 sensor heater Check oxygen sensor
22 - WTR Open or short in Water Temp Sensor Check Water Temp Sensor
24 - AIR Open or short circuit in Air Temp Sensor Check Air Temp Sensor
25 - O2 Excessive Lean Air Fuel Ratio Check o2 sensor and fuel system
26 - O2 Excessive Rich Air Fuel Ratio Check o2 sensor and fuel system
31 - AFM Open circuit or short in VC signal Test or replace Air flow Meter
32 - AFM Open circuit or short in E2 signal Test or replace Air flow Meter
34 - TRB Fuel cut due to excessive turbo pressure Check Wastegate Hose, Test Pressure Sensor
35 - TRB Open or short circuit in Pressure Sensor Test Turbo Pressure Sensor
41 - TPS Open or short circuit in VTA signal Test Throttle Position Sensor
42 - SPD No "SPD" signal over 8 seconds driving Check Vehicle Speed Sensor
43 - STA No "STA" signal over 800 RPM starting Check Ignition Switch
51 - IDL No "IDL" or A/C signal during testing Check TPS, A/C switch, Accelerator cable
52 - KNK Open or short circuit in Knock Sensor Check for broken/brittle wire, Replace Sensor
54 - INT Intercooler Coolant Low or Pump Failure Replace Water Level Sensor, Test IC W. Pump
71 - EGR EGR gas temp below acceptable level Check EGR system, (Valve/VSV/Hose/Temp)

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We also would like ST185 and ST205 code lists!