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08-24-2010, 04:03 AM
Some of this data is probably out of date, but it will give you somethings to look for.

The Upgrade ECU Page

Upgrade ECUs are defined within this website as an existing Toyota ECU that has been modified in some way internally. This ranges from simple rewire to eliminate some features, to a full re-program by replacing the original Toyota chip with a programmable chip that contains new updated code.

The "Reworked" ECU

These are companies that will take your ECU and do something to it other than actually re-programming the Toyota code.

JET Performance Products

17491 Apex Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Voice: 714-848-5515
Fax: 714-847-6290
Email: Sales@JetChip.com http://www.jetchip.com

JET provides and upgraded ECU by modifying your existing one. Your ECU must be taken out from your vehicle and sent in to be modified. The modification includes changing your FUEL and IGNITION curve to a more aggressive spec. They will set this curve based on your modifications. This will only effect the curve and the original programming remains. The boost and rev limit also remain the same. JET claims a 20 HP increase.
Price $399 88-93 All Trac


This is basically a chip that SuperChips will solder into your ECU that eliminate the boost cut. This allows the boost to be raised above the 12 psi limit. The "kit" comes with a valve that will allow you to raise the boost to about 12 psi. The modification does work, but most are unhappy with the results as Super Chips as it is advertised as an ECU upgrade. The horsepower increase advertised is really just an increase due to the boost level being raised. The popular Zenier diode mod does the same thing for just a few cents.

The Re-Programmed ECU

These are companies that will actually change the original programming by putting a new chip in the ECU with a new program that can be updated if needed.

G-Force Engineering

2311 West 205th St. Suite #102

Torrance CA 90501

(310) 782-8278, Fax (310) 782-1611.

G-force also modifies your current ECU. Other than what JET does, g-force goes even further. They can remove the rev limit entirely and raise the boost cut to 25 psi. G-force will include proper fuel and timing maps to 17 psi, where the stock ECU only goes to 12 psi. They also disable some features of the ECU like certain hot/cold conditions that would alter your performance. Basically G-force unleashes hidden horsepower. G-force has been dyno tested at 25 additional HP. Price $750. Group purchase prices are somewhat less. 88-93 All Trac Application

6 Little Balmer,
Buckingham Industrial Park,
MK18 1TF
+44 (0)1280 823803 Tel
+44 (0)1280 823595 Fax
email : sales@racelogic.co.uk

This is an ST185 application only. Blitz makes ECU upgrade available in UK. The computer could probably adapted to US spec, but probably not worth the time or expense. This is for Japan spec only I believe. The retail is 695 and the part number is 15712. RACELOGIC is the Blitz Dealer in the UK from which you can order this ECU


410 S. MOTOR AVE. #C
AZUSA, CA 91702
(626) 812-0857

Little is known about EL Prototypes upgrade. Their website simply states that they modify fuel and ignition curves, and raise boost cut and rev limiter. They might actually just be using a different company to modify the ECU like g-force or equivalent. The list price is $795 to send in your ECU. 88-93 All Trac Application

08-24-2010, 07:55 AM
if im running an st185 engine off of an st165 ecu, should i just get a new one entirely or go with one of these routes?