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08-24-2010, 12:36 AM
Brake Upgrade Information
NOTE:Some of this information, especially the pricing is most likely dated and no longer accurate. This information is here to give you an idea of what may still be available.

When you go faster, you need to stop faster. For safety and reliability it's a good idea to upgrade your stock brake system. Here are the part numbers of various companies. If you have any more details part numbers or general thoughts, please E-mail.

Performance Rotors and Brake Pads

Brembo Cross Drilled Rotors
Celica ST185 (Front) Pn # TOY3000 $288
(Rear) Pn # TOY3001 $269

Brembo Toyota Replacement

ST185 Front Pn# 43512-20400 (Dealer)

Pure Performance Cross-drilled or slotted rotors

88-89 All Trac $64.99 ea Front
88-89 All Trac $71.99 ea Rear
90-93 All Trac $73.99 ea Front
90-93 All Trac $78.99 ea Rear

KVR Brake Pads

88-89 All Trac $52.99 set Front
88-89 All Trac $45.99 set Rear
90-93 All Trac $45.99 set Front
90-93 All Trac $45.99 set Rear

Cadmium plating is also available on rotors in silver, black and gold for $15 per rotor.
We can support group purchases and pricing would be based on quantity and options.

Contact: Mason

Porterfield Rotors and Pads

ST185 Toyota Celica AllTrac (GT4)
Front Rotors JBR 536 $69.50
Rear Rotors JBR 537 $69.90
Front R4-S Pads AP 356 $57.00
Rear R4-S Pads AP 325 $44.00

These services are $40/ea to add on per rotor:
Cryo Treatment (Highly recommended for extended rotor life)
Slotting (Recommended over drilling, less mass removed, no cracking)
Drilling (For the die hards)

Contact: Geoff

Axxis Metal Master Hi Temp Pads

23-356-01 ST185 Front

23-325-01 ST185 Rear

A quick note about ST165 brake pads by ray meyers:

Stillen - http://www.stillen.com : Stillen offers Metal Matrix brake
pads for the ST165 but they told me that they did not have them in stock
and it would take two weeks to get them. They also acted like they
didn't want to sell me anything that they might have to special order.

Porterfield - http://www.porterfield-brakes.com : Porterfield makes
carbon-kevlar brake pads in three different compounds for the front and
rear of the ST165 and ST185. The R4S compound is for high performance
street and limited competition use and is available from Racesearch
(http://www.racesearch.com) Racesearch had them in stock so that is
what I bought. The part number for the front pads is AP437 and they
cost $84.50.

EBC - http://www.ebc-brakes.com : EBC makes brake pads in three
different compounds. Only the "Greenstuff" pads are available for the
front of the ST165. This is their high performance street kevlar pad.
The part number is DP2725 for the front pads but I did not call them to
find a distributor.

Big Brake Upgrade

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3

MR2 / GT4 Big Brake Kit includes the following:

2 - 4 piston Billet Brake Calipers w/ staggered puck sizes for even pad wear.

2 - 12" brake rotors

2 - T6061 Billet aluminum brake hats

2 - Mounting Brackets All necessary brackets and hardware

Custom Anodized Calipers ( Blue, Black, Red, Silver ) & Engravings ( Alltac, GT 4 ) available.

***Cross Dilled and Slotted Rotors are extra. ( $150 )

***Break pads are an additional $20-50 depending on brand

A perfect fit! Easy to install. Race Track Aproved.

Looking for 6-8 people to do the first group purchase.

All items totaling over $1600

You could get for $875.00

Contact james@webcastinc.com

Supra Brake Upgrade

Supra and Supra TT have significantly larger brake rotors and calipers. If these brakes were applied to the front of an All Trac it would mean super braking power for alot less than a "big brake" kit. There is no hardware to support this conversion however. If this is to be done it must be 100% custom fitted. More information is in the Brake FAQ.

ST205 Brake Upgrade

Since the ST205 GT-four is still a celica, this brake upgrade is considerably easier to perform. ST205 brake system includes a 4 pot brake caliper in front, along with larger discs. For more information see the Brake FAQ.

Stainless Steel Brake Lines

APP Brake Line
PN# 7806 Celica ST185/ST185H 25000(US$239)
PN# 7807 Celica ST205 "" ""

SPDIF Brake Line
PN# 7912 Celica ST185/ST185H 30000(US$287)
PN# 7913 Celica ST205

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Carbotech (Must specify compound)
ST185: F: CT356 R: CT325
ST165: F: CT437 R: CT325

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Thanks Joey! I know this data is old, at least several years. Any updates are great and much appreciated!