View Full Version : MR2 Texas Hill Country meet- October 16

08-23-2010, 02:08 AM
I saw this over at AT.net. When I signed up at MR2OC, it was mostly Spyders but it should be some fun. I have been on several of the roads they are planning on driving and they are pretty good. If you're in Texas or looking for a road trip in October, come on. I'm planning on going and Mixmaster is planning bringing his All Trac as well.


++++ From MR2OC++++

Official motel is Motel 6 in Kerrville TX on hwy 16...

I'm booking for Friday and Saturday night.

Friday Oct 15th is arrival day for most, get there early and we'll do a warm-up run, but the main thing is to just get there because...

Saturday Oct 16th is the Main Run. We'll be doing all the roads people want to run when they do the Hill Country, 23, 16, 335, 336, 337(the twisted sisters). We'll be running twisties all day Saturday ending back at the motel around 4pm for beers around the pool. After relaxing from the days events a group dinner at the Acapulco(walking distance from the motel).

Sunday(travel day home)