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08-22-2010, 01:38 AM
Figure it's about time I introduce myself in case I ever meet more of you.

Knowledge of me. I am a software/hardware tester. I have a BS in computer science for Weber. With that I also spend some of my free time trying to work on various game idea's I would like to make.

So, basic background. I started getting into yota's in 2001 when I had to return a Geo Prism I bought from a buy here/pay here place. In looking for a new driver I found an 81 Corolla and that was all she wrote. I have learned about most yota's and finally am in a spot where my stable only consists of various Toyota's. My current stable is as follows:

1980 Corolla. My main beast.

She was running about a month ago with a ghetto rigged fuel tank and a working MS EFI/Spark. Since then I have taken out the fuel tank and waiting on money to have the sump added to it. With that I have also added AE86 front struts/brakes and SS brake lines.

The plan is to learn to tune on the aged engine and if it lives through that, add a turbo. I figure after adding the turbo, even if the motor lives, the tranny won't. When that comes the car will get a full exterior overhaul.


1988 Alltrac. Snow fun.

Salvaged her from the scrap heap when a member on alltrac.net parted out all his goodies and asked me if I wanted it. I said yes and gave him 60 bucks since the seats, steering wheel and rims were worth more.

How I received her.

How she sits now. Patiently waiting.

And last. 1991 Celica GT.

Current DD. Nothing special planned since I would like to replace here with an LS400 or older Cressida.
Pic was taken today as I was replacing the sway bar bushings......finally!!