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08-19-2010, 06:49 AM
ok so i pulled the hoses off my 22rte to check the ct20, (yes its a ct20 but no where near the same as a ct20b), and checked for shaft play which felt very minimal. But the shaft doesnt spin freely but isnt hitting anything. Pretty much as long as im moving it with my fingers it moves fine but doesnt freespin, but feels tight as in like a new bearing sorta tight. Though the engine was sitting as well as the 4runner it came out of for around 5 years

when i get more time in the next day or so im going to pull the turbo elbow off and check for cracks and if theres oil on the exaust side. I did notice when i pulled the afm to turbo hose off that it feels a lil sandy in the hose (guy did live at the beach and there was a lot of crap in the airbox) and there was a small amount of oil that pooled right before the turbo, anything i should be weary of?

I was told that the engine was rebuilt with 30k on it and that the turbo had been replaced as well 3 times over the lifespan of the 4runner it came out of(turbo is a poor design and last 60-80k under stock conditions and 75-125k with b.o.v, intercooler, and bigger exaust, from what i read on 22rte-trucks.com) and i can tell it has, with newer bolts on the manifold and turbo.

anything i should look for? Id planned to run it with the stock turbo till i get a t3/t4 for my other turbo manifold i have.

The Captain
08-19-2010, 10:43 AM
The little pool of oil is from the PCV. It's typical. As far as spin, it's a plain bearing so it's basically spinning in oil. The film creates some drag but in operation it spins more freely due to the oil being hot. Just run it, it sounds fine.

08-19-2010, 03:15 PM
sand in the motor? i'd pull that turbo apart and check everything.