View Full Version : SW20 jdm 3sge pinout. WHAT! No G- pin?? (D8 or D-? instead) huh?

08-17-2010, 05:32 AM
Hi guys,

I am having issues with an engine swap. its a 92/93 st182 3sge with a 90' mr2 jdm 3sge ecu.

The engine is not running. It only fires over for a very short period of time if i spray fuel into the throttle body. IE: its not injecting fuel, so we assume its lack of 'crankshaft positioning' input to the ecu.

So from this we can say were getting ignition, but no fuel injection, despite injectors getting 12v power (hi imp) and the fuel pump squirtin into fuel rail.

I used the 'service tips' given for USDM 3sgte's to test the loom for G-, ne, G1 and G2. the loom is fine. BUT! there is no G- pin in the pinout at the ECU at all... HOW bizzare! I have a pin labelled D-... (or is it D8?) which i assumed may be G-... I have added some pics, what do you think guys?

Zoomed in:


thanks guys,