View Full Version : My ST184 SX - Undergoing 3sgte Conversion

08-10-2010, 05:40 AM
Hello to all :)

This is my new ride, its a 1992 Toyota Celica SX. I've gone through a fair few cars since getting my licence, this would be the 10th. Since then i've had to do engine swaps, repairing head gaskets, suspension work and even respraying (not a very good job mind you).

Its stock as you can see, which is just perfect for what I wanted. All my other cars (except my first st162) were modified in some way when I bought them and this time round I wanted a clean canvas to make myself a reliable car to get around.

Current Mods:
2.25" Exhaust
4-2-1 Extractors
King Spring Super Lows at Front
King Spring Lows at Rear
17" Rays wheels (not sure if replica or real yet)
20mm Rear Signature Swaybar

Future Mods:
3SGTE Conversion
3" Exhaust
HKS Cams



08-10-2010, 05:45 PM
Welcome! Nice looking car. :)

08-10-2010, 06:40 PM
hmm cant see no pics