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07-25-2010, 11:59 PM
Didn't start out great. I went to look at yet another house yesterday morning. I was hoping this one was going to work out as it was a really cool looking house and I really like the neighborhood. It ended up being a big bust. Several large, unexplained cracks in the walls.

After that, I decided I'd hit one of the pick and pulls here in town. I had checked the online inventory the night before and they showed to have three or four more that weren't there the last time I was there. Going through the yard, I finally came across a 90 GTS that hadn't been there the last time I was there. It hadn't been molested too bad. The front System 10 door panels were gone and the radio plate had been pulled out but other than that, not bad.

What caught my attention was that it had the rear wiper on it. A PO had pulled the wiper and rear spoiler off my car and half ass fixed the holes he left. I worked on these a lot before I painted the car and it looked good in primer but you could still see the hole for the wiper after I painted it. I was just thinking yesterday morning that I'd like to find the wiper set up for the car. I also needed the little piece that the hatch release cables attach to. The one on mine worked OK with the key but it kept letting the cable for the interior release lever come loose. It was still on this car so I got that as well.

I found another Celica that wasn't there last time that was a manual. I've been needing the plate that the shifter boot snaps into because the retainer tabs were broken. The plates in the yard, even if they are still there, are usually broken because the damn yard monkeys just rip them off the console to get to the radio plate. It looked like it was already gone but I got to looking in passenger seat and in was laying there. I pulled it out and remarkably it wasn't broken and all the tabs were good. I got all three items plus the wiring harness for for the wiper for $35.

I put the wiper on yesterday evening but it didn't work. I had to get a battery for my meter so I didn't get any further on that yesterday. I got the shifter plate installed installed as well as the latch cable connector. That was all good.

I just went out a little while ago to check the power going to the wiper motor and it was good. I hooked the harness back up (the original one was still on the car so I've got an extra if anyone needs one) and the wiper started working. I guess it was a loose connection.

After that I thought I'd see if I could get the door switch for the interior lights installed. Instead of the pulling all the interior panels loose, I cut the old wire down by the switch and spliced them together. For once this turned out to be the problem. Now my interior lights work with the driver's door. I thought I had the switch for the other door but I can't find it at the moment.

Any way, it ended up being a good weekend car wise. The interior lights now work when I open the driver's door, I can open the hatch with the interior lever, the shift boot stays where its supposed to and I've got a rear wiper that works now.:beerchug:

The Captain
07-26-2010, 05:08 AM