View Full Version : problem with my 93 corolla... tranny?

07-23-2010, 11:31 PM
my gf's car (1993 corolla with the 7afe motor and auto tranny with 130K miles) was making a weird sound when we drove it today.... here are the symptoms:

1. basically, when i stepped on the gas, i hear a squeeking/ wobbling noise coming from what i think is the tranny area... the noise ONLY happens when i step on the gas
2. going uphill, the noise was less apparent... it is louder on flat surface
3. I checked the transmission fluid and it looks a lil low, but nothing that can harm the tranny.. i drained and filled the tranny last dec, but i'll add some fluid tomorrow
4. axles look to be intact, as well as the boots
5. no CEL
6. the noise gets louder as I go faster, but not significantly louder...the car also shakes a lil sometimes...
7. noise happens in all gear (D, 2 and L)
8. when moving in neutral, i could rev the motor and no sound would appear... i'm thinking tranny...

initially, i was thinking that it might have been the wheel bearings, but the noise only happens when i accelerate... my guess is the tranny, but not sure what is happening... any clues? It happened at night, so I couldn't jack the car up.. prob will jack he cart up after work today and look around, but i wanna get some input from u guys :D