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07-22-2010, 08:05 PM
Ryan and I (Funkycheeze) drove out to Mission, BC, Canada for the Supra Nationals last weekend. I figured that youz guyz would probably not object to a little Supra content on your Celica site! There were cars from as far away as California!

The following is the post I made on Celicasupra.com....

Hi kids!
As many of you know, I was wandering around with a big camera before, after, and during the meet, and I ended up with some nice shots. I figured they would be enjoyed by many here on CS. I'll post them all with my own commentary... enjoy!

Should you want high-res versions of any of these shots, let me know... I'll let them go for a small fee. A lot of work went into these! I do have more photos of other cars, let me know if you're looking for someone specific! Also, there are more shots in my photobucket album... and yes, more again on my harddrive.

Seamus (Supra_Fiend) was kind enough to let a few of us stay at his Supra farm in Mission - his garage full of parts was quite handy for Ryan and I later on...


While performing some bug removal, Bob (Malibyte) undertook some of the usual tweaking we all seem to obsess about...


And now, to unveil Seamus' engine photos. He did a great job with the detail work on his "6M" powerplant. The quotation marks are because he used a 7M bottom end with a 5M head. It sounds GREAT.


Annnnnnd, his oil catchcan was particularly ingenious:


There were some seriously pretty cars parked on Seamus' property, including Robert's stunning mkii (Supraguy31.)



Seamus took out a piece of fencing, allowing for cars to be parked on his lawn. Ryan took advantage of this to wash and wax his car after the dyno morning, but before the cruise. Ironically, his alternator toasted out after the dousing, requiring the services of Seamus' garage... he managed to make one alternator out of two and reinstall it in about twenty minutes... we got to the dyno shop just in time for the cruise!




The cruise was an absolute blast! I had fun hanging my head out of the window and getting pretty shots of people's cars... there's more on my photobucket than what I've included here, should you be wondering if I got a photo of your car - and if there isn't one there, I do still have more on my computer! Feel free to PM me to ask for photos.


Like I said, Seamus's car sounds AWESOME.


The only problem with getting a whole bunch of fast cars together on a highway is that there may have been some shenannigans... almost every time Ryan would pull up next to someone for me to take photos, the two drivers would inevitably have to race each other... here's what happens to my shot when they go at it:


This one was taken while they were still on it, and approaching speeds that were... beyond the limit. By maybe just a little bit. As a side note, this mkiii was beautiful. The owner has done a stunning job with everything on his car - the headlight mod is perfect, his LED tailights are great, and the interior is gorgeous... and those are only the aesthetic bits.


Now... we all joke about the type of people who tend to own mkiv Supras... ahem.



There were some extremely nice "off topic" cars as well - I've only included one here, there are more on my photobucket.


The cars were all nicely spread out...


Our faithful and highly entertaining announcer for the weekend enjoyed the cruise as well - apparently his ladyfriend got a neat shot of me taking this photo...


Just after the halfway point of the cruise, we pulled over and got a nice look at just how many cars were in attendance. I clambered up on the tailgate of a 1.5jz powered truck (yes, a truck) to try to get all the cars in the shot... unsuccessfully.





Seamus treated us to a flyby with his car - I know I keep saying this, but really, it sounds GREAT.


Now, why in the world would someone build a 700 rwhp 1.5 jz truck? Why, to do awesome burnouts, of course!!


Annnd more flybys of some great sounding cars...


The drive back was rather more subdued - and much slower, given the secondary status of the highway we were on. Unfortunately, we were driving into the sunset (literally,) so my shots are all a little washed out.


This is one mighty confused woman on a bike...



After the cruise, a bunch of the mkii crowd headed off to Seamus' place for some bevvies. That crazy cream coloured car with the odd turbo setup was in attendance!




Seamus' yard made a great parking lot. I'm not sure how many cars were parked on his property that night... but there were quite a few, including this 7M powered 2nd gen Celica. I had the pleasure of seeing that car at last year's Run of the Ogopogo.





The garage is the current home of a stripped mkii that is currently recieving some pretty serious body work.



You'll note to black bar hiding Ryan's plumber's crack... Ew. :P


There may have been a small amount of prankage going on... the very small kind.


One of Seamus' friends owns a Conquest! You know, the USDM version of a Starion. It was shiny.


And now, the show and shine. I was a little worse for wear, what with the extremely late night and all the beer I had consumed, but it didn't stop me from taking photos all day long!



The only mkiii I have ever fallen in love with!



Now... BIG turbo.




There was a whole lot of Supra at this meet.



I loved this mkiv... the wheels and the green paint were beautiful.



After a few hours of wandering around checking out the cars and an excellent catered bbq lunch, it was time for the awards.


And the view of all the cars in attendance, along with all the people!



As everyone began to leave, I managed to grab a red mkiii and mkiv, steal Ryan's mkii, and set up a nice generational shoot. I was rather pleased with the results.





After making the others wait for us as I took photos, it was time to drive back to the Supra Farm in Mission.


We had to stop on the way back to pick up spark plugs for Ryan. We weren't going to be able to drop off the others at Seamus' before closing, so all five loud mkiis pulled into the Lordco parking lot with five minutes to spare.

To clarify, we had to change the spark plugs in Ryan's car the night before leaving Calgary... and we couldn't get the NGK ones. Turns out that cheap plugs from Canadian Tire are, well, cheap. Changing those out, combined with changing something tiny on the AEM box completely smoothed things out... and brought the car up probably 40 horsepower.




Back at Seamus' Supra Farm! How many Supras can you fit on one piece of property?? Well, if you include the four A-bodies out back, then the answer is... about 14, or so.




Annnd, back in the shop, absorbing Seamus's bodywork tips.


07-22-2010, 08:26 PM
Damn nice pics !! I miss my MKIII :(

07-23-2010, 03:04 AM
Damn nice pics !! I miss my MKIII :(

Yeah, me too. Except mine is sitting in my driveway in need of serious work.. Haven't gotten to drive it more than around the block in about 3 years..

But yeah, very nice pics. The venue for the show and shine looks amazing, I'm really jealous to have not been there!

07-23-2010, 01:14 PM
Poor Supra guys, spending more time polishing than driving...

I kid. Nice cars.

07-24-2010, 06:49 AM
I dunno about that - the cruise was over two hours long, and a real blast!!

I'm excited for the Run of the Ogopogo - except that I'll be busy driving my own car, so no moving shots of other people's cars will be coming from me!

07-24-2010, 04:33 PM
Pure sex pictures!

07-26-2010, 12:13 AM
awesome! great thread and amazing photos! thanks for sharing :)

07-26-2010, 01:35 AM
You've made me seriously want a mkiii

07-26-2010, 05:09 PM
LOL, this pic could mark the start of a caption contest... :hehe: http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u28/tara_trigg/PACNW%20Supra%20Nationals%202010/DSC_1667_1024x681.jpg

Looks like a lot of fun! Lots of pretty cars thats for sure.

08-05-2010, 06:17 AM
I was only able to attend the after party at Seamus' place. Oliver is the guy with the Conquest but Seamus shunned me with the '94 GT-S to the front of his house, out of sight. Still got to do some fooling around after the party disbanded. We did end up crossing the Golden Ears bridge with only temporary permits in our rear windows. So far neither of us have received a bill.

Looking forward to Ogopogo 2010. I'll hopefully be there in time for breakfast, the cruise and lunch. Looking forward to it though :D

Btw, absolutely fantastic pictures. :)


08-05-2010, 07:36 AM
I think I just got some supra on my leg... Thinkin about leaving it there...