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07-18-2010, 12:08 AM
Just wondering if there is any "typical" way the push-button start mod is made - as my Alltrac has one and the button that was a cheap POS from China just caved in and broke to pieces last week when I was going to start it up and give a weekly run.

I hate to get "editorial" here - but it just seems to me that many people that are very smart about cars and mechanical things are just pure NEANDERTHALS when it comes to electrical items. I knew all this "going in" - still - I always seem to be surprised to find new and novel schemes of half-assing electrical things in cars that I get. In this particular case - my first "view" of connections is a crimp connector that appears to have been installed by a rusty pair of pliers - there was at least 1/2" of copper exposed - but wrapped with at least a yard of electrical tape.

I'm sure I'm on a new road of "brave discovery" with this car, if this initial problem provides any clue. The switch is not the standard type of push button start - which would be a switch the same diameter as a cigarette lighter - this one is (was) about 1 3/4" diameter - much larger. While I would think the thing would just serve to energize the starter relay - this one seems to have been a pretty high current switch - so maybe it directly controls the starter solenoid.

I had noted earlier that I still needed to turn the key to the start position at times with this new feature - apparently the fuel pump does not run at starting unless this is done. I've tried the obvious - just shorting the two wires from this switch - but the starter just does the "click" thing - no doubt not enough current available. It's not the battery - because I can go through the same exercise with the lights on - and no dimming when I try the start and hear the "click".

Of course it has always been a PITA anyway because it is necessary to turn the key and push the button, while simultaneously keeping one foot on the brakes and the other holding the clutch in (as must be done for the thing to start), while also practicing some "fancy footwork" to work the gas when it begins to start. The situation is made all the more difficult due to the fact that the car is on the big slope of my driveway - think "Mt. Everest" here. Of course - the E-Brake needs adjustment too!

I'll be going through the wiring diagrams - but this is a JDM swap engine - and the fact that the junction box in the engine compartment on the passenger side is just there "flopping around" does not serve to build my confidence in wiring diagrams.

I just don't get it - why do most "car people" not seem to know about things like "soldering irons"?

I do have one thing to go on here - I found a empty box that had a relay in the glove compartment and it still has the P/N!

07-18-2010, 02:59 AM
99% of the time, push button starters use some sort of key. It may be as simple as you put in your key, turn it to on, then push the button (which just connects the two terminals of the starter). Other times there's a keyfob that only lets the system start when it recognizes its signal.

As for electrical work, I'm usually one to cover all the bases. I use solder-filled crimp connectors and heatshrink. If something needs to be fused, I'll run it to either a stock or aftermarket fusebox instead of using an inline (so I don't have to search).

Another thing, I don't mean it to sound rude, but you use a LOT of quotations, and it makes your posts hard to read at times. Just thought I'd point it out.

07-19-2010, 08:45 PM
Sounds to me like the kid ran the switch in series with the key switch. But you say when you bridge the push button, the key still won't start the car?