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06-12-2010, 04:26 AM
-Post lots of pics! I think I can speak for everyone here - we like pics!

Car was manufactured febuary 1990, and car off the line is 4535. i have owned this car for about 3 years now, it was almost dead.

The way it went down, sold my mr2 for something that would AT LEAST hold my tuba(tubasteve) turns out i couldnt find anything fast, around $6k, so i bought a 1998 honda accord. met me current girlfriend/soon to be wifie, going on our first real date to Panda express. My dad has been threatening to sell his honda s800 for about a year at this point, ive always wanted this car. we called this car "the little red car" if you look it up on google or any real magazines you will see it. lic. plate reads "hondas8" that is his car. short story really... my fourtune cookie reads, "buy the red car" within 2 weeks after joking it was for my dads car, i find what you are about to see below.


the fist thing i saw when i walked inside

walked around the back

side shot

and why i only paid $1000.00(other than the paint)

7 months later and my parents complaining that it looked like ass in their driveway

right after it was painted..like 10 mins after i picked it up

with complete everything outside. the bumper was replaced due to ice, and a happy foot.

Gauge idea #1 - too many people wanting to race, and i always hit the pod.

Gauge idea #2 - not so good once i fixed my a/c

Gauge idea #3 - Final and current idea - able to hide the gauges and not have them out all the time.

after adding the front mount

In the middle of switching to 3rd gen electronics

under the messy hood of the front mount set up.

this is the dyno graph of when i did it with the front mount, 3rd gen electronics, with 440cc injectors, you can see why you should run the 3rd gens or bigger.

off roading with 3rd gen stuff(with new injectors)

dad finally caught up!

After going to a car meet in hemit last augest in 2009 i had some issues with some road rage as the CHP put it. i was sitting at a light at 1am and a car full of drunks rolls up throwing their bottles at my car. mind you have been sitting at the light for 5 mins cause it was stuck. calling 911 and chasing them cause they had no plates i said screw everything, ill calim insurance on the motor, told the aem to 100%duty, told the pcm not to see the boost above 17 and went for it chasing them until the 911 operator said " they crash, get killed, or ANYTHING, you will be 100% at fault, and there is nothing we can do without a plate" so i roasted the clutch, pistons(eh not what you'd think) but a lot of other things had to be adressed.


all good things come to an end though, as i was just upgrading for the next meeting.

just a short little "why not to use fram" this is a picture that was cut, but in one week we did 4 honda engines due to bottom end failure. plus it is cheaper for the factory toyota one than these.

my new oil pump, shimmed and ready

block decked and bored out a little, everything cleaned

new pistons - mahle

everything together for the most part, shimless valves, hks cams, need the car off the rack so ill have to wait on the cam gears.

needed a wide rear end for my style of driving through some awsome canyons, well and track

Due to the climbing amount of ref. tickets in califonia and a HUGE front mount i desided to goto st205 top mount on the celica. in doing so with reclocking, I noticed that my turbine was coming apart(probbly due to the hemit deal) had turbo tech. build this "50 trim" for $275

went up north to a place to get a gt4 rc hood and picked these up for $150 for the pair.

test fit of the top mount

custom made inlet due to the st205 rubber does NOT bolt up at all to the 2nd gen, i tried and tried....

test fit the top mount after the modifications

some newer grip for the track

When Needing to move my celica from one garage to another on a sunday, i had to buy a new oil filter...and this is why not to buy a bosch

Not for my car but found it at the wrecking yard.

Why you should use 'T-bolt' clamps and reinforced hoses on the inlet side of the turbo. bent 6 valves, made my turbo done, and killed the st205 top mount. i felt so retarded

after they repaired my turbo, the oil seal failed causing smoking when sitting at stoplights and after boosting.

after rolling it around in my head for months, and the last track day having to struts go all the way bad on the track, got these aswell. per an agreement of my girly, i cant get my coil overs(suspention) until we are wed, so these will have to do.

06-12-2010, 10:33 AM
your fiance is awesome.... and awesome progress on the car. keep it up!

06-12-2010, 06:34 PM
ill tell her you said that, thanks!