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06-09-2010, 05:28 AM
The second childhood was moving from Sydney to New Zealand in 2005 .... It's now 2010, and having been a good family man for 19 years, owning only automatic gearbox vehicles since The Toxic Dwarf will not learn manual cars - I craved some action on four wheels.

The white GT4 ST205 was a high miler - 190,000 Kms - but some of the heavy work had been done by the previous owner (imported to NZ in 2006) The clutch, seals, waterpump, cam belt was all done before I took it on, but the local Toyota dealer has found plenty to keep me poor. Just replaced the front struts (oil leak on the off-side) and had a VERY throrough inspection to find loose or missing stuff - new radiator came out of this, and also the power steering reservoir looked like something out of Elm Street, so that got replaced (new, ex-Japan was 1300.00, so went for a s/hand off a Corolla).

Still pending, due to large price tags on ex-Japan parts, are centre tunnel support bearings, rear suspension top mounts (the rubber bush and gaiter setup) and rear wheel bearing sets (the near side rear has a couple of mm sideplay !)
If these parts were ordered ex-Japan they would be extremely expensive, so I'd be keen to hear from Forum members who have advice on parts suppliers, or alternate parts to suit.

Outside this car, I ride a BMW R1200GS... after a lifetime (40 years) or BMW bikes this has to be the absolute best Bee Emm ever, very well mannered and ergonomically right for me.

I did once do a total rebuild on a BM car - this was the 1975 3.0 CSi - salt-effected bodywork from England so it went into a stripper tank in Sydney... this was a major project of three years. Every nut and bolt was undone, the car was re-manufactured. I sold this when I married (sound familiar ?) but it was such a beauitiful car, and very addictive to drive hard.

So - this is my second post to the Forum. I wanted to learn up on the ST205, and finish the mechanical restoration on this car. I realise now (just today did a run thru the Whangamoas - !) that the motor on the ST205 is only half the fun - the car has excellent handling, and massive brakes. All the engine power on the planet is of little use if the chassis cant get it to the ground. This little Toyota holds the road like a priest grips a choirboy.

06-10-2010, 02:38 PM
Not the highest rez pics you will ever see, but these are the ones I've used in emails, so small byte format. The white on these Celicas is a real nice white, sort of ice white but creamy too. I don't know what Toyota call it, but I like the white ones ! I just received a second-hand rear hatch (only 60 dollars ... waaay) from a wreckers on the North Island - a miracle it got here undamaged (beyond it's pitifull existing state as a wreckers spare part, that is) I needed this rear hatch as it has a wing, and my GT does not - but it should. I'll get this part cleaned up and resprayed, then swap it over - BTW, why is it that owners de-badge rear panels ? I will try to find a good set of second-hand badges some time in the future. Currently running a CEL that is restricting the engines power output ... it's a Code 54, as you all know an intercooler error code. The fluid level looks fine, but doesn't drop when the engine is running ,so maybe the pump is not working. It must be an electrical pump as I don't see any drive belts going to a mechancial pump. Driving around with a CEL is boring - just a basic two litre car until I get a fix.

Does anyone read these Introduction posts anyway ?

06-10-2010, 03:38 PM
Gorgeous car!!!!

On the pump thing, you should be able to run power to the pump and see if it starts up.

I tend to read these, but since I am at work, its a skim........