View Full Version : Lifetime members B&S "Priority Listings"

06-01-2010, 06:21 AM
"Lifetime member"

-5,000 combined message limit in PM box
-Able to use an Avatar
-Extra slot in "Garage" (once feature goes live)
-Ability to create threads in B&S.(25 post minimum still applies)
-Can create community "Social Groups"
-Access to BGB's
-Access to our new NSFW forum.
-Access to our new "What you have for free" subsection of B&S.
-Access to a Special sub-forum to vote on certain site decisions.
-Priority postings in Tech Write-up Section
-C-Tech Lifetime Member custom user title
-User name added to a virtual plaque listing all Life Members.

-Priority postings in Tech Write-up Section:
This should read: -Priority postings in the B&S section.
I am going to get it changed this week.

If any of our Lifetime members would like to feature a listing in B&S PM me with a link to it, and I will make it a sticky for a week.
Remember also to follow the last link in my sig to see how to upload an UNLIMITED number of photos to help your items sell. :)

Sorry for any misunderstanding.