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05-13-2010, 01:31 AM
so i figured i may as well post up my project car now that it's mostly done.

so, here it is. i'll try to get better pics soon.



1991 MR2 turbo. Hardtop, no power options.

Powertrain specs:
- Ported TD06 turbo with 17c compressor (stock turbo from GMC syclone)
- Celica 3SGE side-feed intake manifold
- Celica 3SGE top feed fuel rail w.-6AN lines from tank hardline
- WRX uncapped injectors
- Walbro 255 fuel pump
- Audi S4 coffee can high volume, high flow fuel filter
- Custom top mount intercooler, blowoff valve deleted.
- Apexi GT spec exhaust (soon to be berk)
- Wiseco MLS head gasket, stock head/cams
- E85 fuel for the past 3 years
- Acura Integra P72 ECU running CROME software as engine management



Last time the car was on the dyno was last fall. Put down 276hp/271tq at 13psi, but the stock fuel pump was running out of flow and leaning out the top end.

Suspension/Brakes specs:
- H&R coilovers
- ST swaybars
- Apexi front camber plates
- Refinished Buddy Club P1-Racing wheels, 17x8+32, Dunlop Star Spec 235/40/17 Front; 17x9+37, 255/40/17 Rear.

Front brakes:
Supra twin turbo rotors, Porsche 911C4 calipers, custom machined and anodized caliper brackets


Rear brakes:
96-01 Rav4 front rotors, 88 Fiero GT rear calipers (lightweight 2 piece, half aluminum design, bigger pistons, big sliders, more pad area, pads removable from top of caliper)


- Russell braided brake lines
- 17/16 95 4Runner master cylinder
- Ate blue fluid

Interior crap:
- F1spec carbon buckets with custom brackets on stock sliders
- Momo Mod31 320mm steering wheel
- Painted black interior, previously blue

Body/exterior crap:
- Celica 5th gen side mirrors
- JDM nose badge repainted black
- Smoked corner lenses

05-13-2010, 03:59 AM

I love all the attention to detail. Great stuff man. :)

Now give her a nice wash and wax, she looks sad. :hehe:

joe's gt
05-13-2010, 04:53 AM
Your engine is so unique karl. I love it. The amount you have done on budget diy mods is awesome.

You should be an engineer. lol

05-13-2010, 02:37 PM
very impressive. loving the brake set up

05-13-2010, 03:17 PM
Nice! Did you remount the throttle cable wheel 180* out or did you go with a 3sge TB instead? Never took one apart before and just wondering if it's as simple as removing the single nut holding it on to flip it as i'd love to reuse the polished gen2 TB i already have here.

btw, pick up a sheet of SS and make a manifold cover mang! The exhaust mani looks like such an eyesore in your bay :)

05-13-2010, 06:44 PM
yeah, you just take the nut off and flip it over. i posted in you WTB thread over on the oc, the throttle cable is from a celica and is the cruise cable. you just need to make a simple bracket to use it. much easier than trying to find an MR2 NA cable, and the junkyard wanted $3 for it, instead of the $30-40 everyone on the boards seem to think it's worth.

the only issue i have with the 3SGE manifold at this point is that the plug for the IACV hits the top of the honda distributor, so the closest i can get my base timing is 20*BTDC (spec is 16*). i guess i'll just pull 4* out of the whole ignition map.

this problem doesn't exist for anyone using the stock distributor. hopefully i'll get rid of the whole distributor anyway soon enough so it won't matter anymore.

i actually picked up a stock manifold heat shield that's trimmed and ready to go on, but the PO broke the bolts off in the mounting holes and while i got one drilled/tapped, the tap broke off in the other hole. gotta figure out how i'm going to deal with that first, then i can put the heat shield on.