View Full Version : Strange Sunroof Issue

05-08-2010, 05:55 AM
My sunroof opens normally, and almost closes normally - at the point where the back end of the glass should move up a bit and seal shut, it stops moving. There is no grinding or weird noises otherwise, it just doesn't shut all of the way. I thought it was perhaps a manual obstruction, but there doens't appear to be any. Perhaps something inside of the sunroof relay has gone bad specific to this portion of the closure of the sunroof? This being my first car newer than 1985, I'm dissapointed at the complicated workings of the system, lol. Anyhow - maybe I just need a wiring diagram for what the specifit leads on the relay do, or...maybe someone knows what the problem is? Also - I attempted to move the gold screw in the motor to open/close the unit, and it did not feel as though it was something it wanted to do.

Removed sunroof motor from sunroof "transmission" now i can turn the gear with the gold screw from underneath. The sunroof moves forward and back, but still does not "lift up" upon fulyl closure to seal. This car doesn't have its pop-up wind deflector...perhaps that's got something to do with the problem...

After pushing hard in an upward direction on the sunroof while twisting the transmission gear with a screwdriver it came very very close to fully closing - me thinks that the wind deflector acts as an inclined plane when closing the roof and will try a new one for verification.