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05-03-2010, 12:00 AM
Alright, so im new to the forum. I was suggested to start a new thread, so here it goes.
Im rebuilding my head and upgrading some parts in the process. I drive a 88 celica gt 3sfe.

The Parts I am replacing are: Gasket ofcourse/kit, im porting the head/port match, replacing cams(lil bigger), lighter valves, and valve springs(along with shims for the lifters), better flywheel and hot tanking it. All for sure. Might also put on some headers, shocks, sway bar, bushing set, and LSD.

What do you guys think? Any ideas on anywhere I can get those parts?

05-03-2010, 12:12 AM
I'd also suggest doing the timing belt, tensioners, and the front & rear main seals.

The 3sfe is really a basic engine, not too much aftermarket support for it. That I'm aware of, there are no aftermarket cams available. As well, I don't think there's any head aftermarket parts (cams/valve springs/etc). That I'm aware of, the only aftermarket products available are the Pacesetter headers & exhaust. These are crap, as the paint & coating burns off and it just looks like a pile of shit in the engine bay.

Kevin (redrkt01) had poly bushing suspension kits available. There's aftermarket shocks that are also out for the 162, have a gander over in the Suspension forum. The most popular one is the KYB GR2 shocks.

As of today, we lost a great manufacturer of st16x products, Whiteline. You're able to still find parts, but there is no new production at this time. They have front & rear swaybar upgrades for the st162.

LSD.. no.


05-03-2010, 04:51 AM
The head will take early 5S cams, but you probably won't find any new. Webcams still regrinds them though, airc.

05-03-2010, 03:54 PM
All of the above is true. Except one thing: Whiteline hasn't killed the ST162 stuff completely. Just most of it. ST165 parts are dead, but the ST162 swaybars and a few other things are still being produced.

05-04-2010, 04:43 AM
The head will take early 5S cams, but you probably won't find any new. Webcams still regrinds them though, airc.
is this the 5sfe? anything help in the rebuild?

05-04-2010, 09:08 AM
Yes, the 5S-FE. I'm not sure what your other question means.

06-25-2010, 03:11 PM
There are a number of cheap and effective upgrades for the FE motors -
GE gen1-3 headers make a huge difference along with a decent exhaust, cat delete, EGR delete etc.
LSD - There are a number of aftermarket LSD's and the MR2 Turbo LSD, hardly worth it as the FE driveshafts need to be upgraded to GE type as well.
The head is a sore point, to get real flow around the valves you need to skim the head down 5mm+ or do some fancy chamber reshaping.
The rods are not designed for extra power either, most upgrade to GE rods, pistons and head to save time & money.

There are already numerous other threads on the topic, so I won't go into details here.
Start withhttp://st162.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=3971