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04-28-2010, 12:11 AM

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Cars owned (Year, Make, Model, Trim, Modifications, etc.)

Too many to name, I used to buy and sell cars for extra cash so I'll just list the Toyota's I've owned.

1991 Toyota Celica GT - First car. Tinted windows, 17" rims, HID lights, painted interior pieces, sub and head unit. The usual shit you do to your first car.

1990 Toyota Celica GT Four - Traded my first car for an Infiniti Q45, then traded that for the Four. I still have and love this car, even if it is a rusty piece of shit. Currently a project. Too many mods to list.

1988 Toyota Supra Turbo - This car was a mistake. Drove all the way to Calgary, bought it for $3500 and a couple weeks later I realized it was a bondo bucket. Luckily I managed to sell it and get every penny back. No mods.

1990 Toyota Celica GTS - Can't even remember why I bought this car. I think I didn't have a vehicle and needed something fast to get to work the next day. I only had it a few months. I was trying to sell another vehicle I had at the time and the guy was more interested in the Celi so I let it go. No mods.

1988 Toyota Celica GTS - I bought this car to sell. It ran like shit when I got it and had a bunch of half finished body work. Got it running smooth, finished the body and then ended up driving it for a few months since the rear diff in my Four went kaputt. Starter relay mod, head unit and sub.

1990 Toyota 4Runner SR5 - Booya! Love this truck. Got sick of the 4th gen giving me a new problem every week and decided to see if it would sell. I literally decided to sell my car, posted it for sale, sold it and bought this truck within two hours. One of my most impulsive buys (face it, they all are) but I could not be happier. Head unit and sub, dual tow hooks, intake silencing deleted/straight intake, 33" BFG AT's, spare tire hanger, 'oh shit' handle on drivers door jamb, running boards deleted.