View Full Version : blitz ecu. error code 12

lees celica st185
04-27-2010, 06:41 PM
Hi ya all. I have just brought a blitz ecu. I plugged it in and it works fine.I tested my car today for faults and a error 12 has flashed up. It says rpm signal. Will it be from swapping the ecu ,or is it more important. Has any body had the code 12 before ,if so what was it as the manual i have only says distributer or ecu. Am i worrying over nothing as the blitz ecu is different and could be giving the code. Any help would be amazing .. thanks

The Captain
04-28-2010, 12:35 AM
Does the ECU year match the year of your car?

lees celica st185
05-03-2010, 11:13 AM
Hi captain , ecu is fine now ,thanks. It turned out that the distributer was broke, thanks