View Full Version : 3sge gen 1 flywheel bolts don't fit gen 2 crank??

04-25-2010, 12:04 AM
Hi, i have a gen 2 3sge, was originally an automatic.

The gen 1 3sge flywheel fits, but the diameter of the thread of the gen 1 flywheel bolts are heaps too small for threading into the gen 2 3sge crankshaft.

The bolts for the automatic flex plate of course are perfect, but 8 mm shorter (heaps shorter) than the gen 1 3sge bolts... which makes me nervous.

Is this normal?
I have just started looking on the web for flywheel bolts for 3sge, and none list bolts for the different generations, as though all yrs are suppose to use the same? I only just had a quick gander, maybe i'm missing it...

naturally, shear stress should only depend on cross sectional area, not length of the bolt, and so the automatic flex plate bolts will suit in that regard. But if there are any longitudinal forces it could get nasty if there isn't enough thread to hold it...

Any help will be very much appreciated.