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04-24-2010, 06:09 PM
firstly, my apologies if this is repeating info from another thread...



Brake + Clutch Lines:

i had a full set of used Bilstein PSS9 coilovers on my Subaru. i destroyed one to the point where Bilstein said that i had to replace it (ie. $900). it was a tarmac spec coilover. so, personally, i recommend gravel spec coilovers for daily drivers, due to crappy roads, pot holes, etc.

please bear in mind, that i am NOT a fan of polyurethane bushings, but the nice things about these bushings in particular is that they are 'grooved' on the surface that is pressed into the control arm (or whichever part). this groove HOLDS the grease, unlike the Energy Suspension bits that push the grease out rather quickly. i am uncertain if you can contact SuperPro and request a LOWER shore of polyurethane, which would give it more of a cushion effect, thereby making the overall drive smoother.

brake + clutch lines:
a very simple upgrade that improves pedal feel and responsiveness tremendously! TechnaFit also offers colors... woo? but, a HUGE plus that most other maker do not offer is the exterior hose wrapping. this helps to prevent dirt, dust and debris from getting in between the steel weaves and destroying the inner hose - this is VERY IMPORTANT! :) their clutch line is an identical build quality and process. initially, i was apprehensive about this, but at $25, why the hell not? so, i did it and after feeling the difference, i bought a clutch line for EVERY CAR that my wife and i own. :) even bought one for a friend who bought one of our former cars! :)

i'll update this as i collect more info...

04-25-2010, 03:13 AM
There are some new bushes from Whiteline that are supposed to be dual compound or some such jargon.


Havent tested them yet but i think i'll give them ago when i can finally be bothered tackling the job.

05-15-2010, 07:04 PM
the main problem with WhiteLine bushings is that the surface is perfectly smooth. when you press the bushings into a control arm (or whatever piece), it leaves almost no room for the grease to stay and do its job (lubricate).

the advantage of the SuperPro bushings is that they're purposely grooved on the surface that makes contact with the inner race of the control arm, so as to KEEP the grease where it needs it. this helps to reduce or remove the chances of squeaky bushings, which is pretty annoying to say the least.

other than that, most polyurethane bushings are 85a shore firmness. compared to factory bushings, this is like CEMENT. if possible, it'd be better for the chassis, your spine, teeth, etc. to get a softer/lower shore polyurethane bushing.

how soft? i don't know. :) but, something more 'middle of the road' between factory and 'AHHH! MY SPINE!'