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04-07-2010, 10:07 PM
This site looks interesting,
bought recently a 6th gen at200 st 1.8 1996
its a nice car but seems to need a lot to do on it before it becomes a nice ride.
so just changed the oil and filter,break pads on four wheels,rear engine mount,anti rolling bars and because it had 98k miles on the clock had my local garage to change the timing belt and other two belts which are visible when you open the bonnet.
abs lights dont come up and i think the abs is not working at all, the sun roof doesnt work,air bag light not working, not happy with the clutch. Alloys paint coming off. front wheel cap missing.Stereo face was broken,anthena not working.
Although it might seem a lot but i drive it about 70 miles a day in the city.