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04-06-2010, 04:29 AM
Hi you all

Im dropping a silver top 4AG-E into a 91 Celica STX . The Silver top came with harness,ECU and the automatic tranny. The stock 91 Celica also was a automatic. I have 3 problems with this swap.

1. The stock drive shafts will not work in the automatic tranny that came with the 4AG-E. The 91Celica shafts are larger. I mentioned this to the guys at Phoenix Tuning and they even seemed to think that my shafts would work,I was told that a 93 Coralla shafts would be the ones i need. but when i looked them up those shafts also replaced 90 to 93 Celica's with the 4afe engine and auto trans, which is exactly what i already have.Ive spent countless hours searching the web and calling parts dealers to try and find the shafts im looking for. No luck what so ever. I think the transaxle in my Celica is a A131L.Im not sure what automatic trans axle I even have that came bolted to the silver top, I cant find any kind of numbers on the casing ect. I did find one place on the web that said MR2 shafts are a different size but i lost that web site and cant find it. does any one know if this is a fact? I feel like i hit a dead end road as far as trying to find the correct shaft for this swap. any help at all on this will be greatly appreciated .

2. I also need a igniter and coil . Does any one have a part# for them ? I would prefer a aftermarket ignition set up MSD for example if there available.

3. I also need the down pipe from the 4age factory header to cat. Ive also searched for this item but dosent seem to be a popular item here in the USA. I did find a aftermarket header and down pipe on Ebay that i think will work can any one confirm if it will here is the link. i got everything else covered i think wiring went to Phoenix Tuning, Power steering hose's are being made, AC lines as well. Im just a shade tree mechanic and just starting to get my feet wet with the import department. So ill take any and all advice here. think ive read almost every post here and already have learned a great deal. Tya

04-09-2010, 03:53 PM
Im not sure what is going on but i have this same queston on 3 other forums. I havent recieved 1 reply. I dont think i pissed any one off. I know my writing skills are far from perfect. I think it the automatic tranny, not to many people here would even consider using one or know much about them .What i dont understand is most shafts work with either a AT or MT . Last bump/try befor i resort to my stock auto transaxle. Inow my Axles will work with it. I know for a fact they wont with the JDM trans. would pics help if so ill gladly post them.

04-13-2010, 05:10 AM
well for information purpose I did find part of my problem with the drive shafts. my stock 4afe engine has a trans axle that takes a 20 spline shaft, while my other jdm trans axle takes a 23 spline shaft . Not nearly as a big deal or problem as i thought i might . I measured my shafts and I found the shafts i need with ease. I apologize for the asking of some questions that i really didnt need to. Any way my toyota and import knowledge starts to slightly grow and im just a little less of a rookie ota mechanic now . On to my next problem. Ive read on a different forum that a aftermarket header made for the 16 valve head on the older 4AGE engine would work on the 20V head with just ob longing the mounting plate holes . Can any one tell me if this will really work?

04-13-2010, 06:00 AM
From what I remember, you can use the 16v header. I think there is one hole that needs to be drilled but then it fits.

I've been meaning to reply to your thread but every time I get ready to reply, I'm just about to shutoff the computer.

Pretty much for your #2 you can use the MSD setup for the 3sgte(Celica Alltrac or Turbo MR2) I believe it is the 6AL module and then you will need the toyota rpm converter. The ignitor/coil you can use from the Alltrac/MR2/4Runner. I have a list of all of the part numbers for the 20v.

You can just have an exhaust shop build you a downpipe. Shouldn't cost a lot of money and will be easier than trying to source the specific part unless you go aftermarket. I bought an aftermarket header for my 20v and got the flange for the downpipe, then had the downpipe made.

Sorry for not responding sooner.

04-13-2010, 04:42 PM
1. i dunno only swapped 20v in to rwd
2. you need an ignitor that is blue or green on the top, i think the numbers are 174 or 201 or something like that, both will work, also you may need a map sensor, any toyota map with a blue sticker on the top will work.
3. have one made, the 20v stock header is pretty nice, a good exhaust shop should be able to make you a downpipe.

04-15-2010, 05:43 AM
Thanks Colossus and andy for the reply's it really helps aot . I did find out my problem with the drive shafts my 91 Celica STX with the stock 4AFE engine has a tranny that takes a 20 spline inboard shaft. The JDM silvertop 4AGE has a tranny that takes a 23 spline shaft . The shafts I need I found on Ebay (GEO PRIZM 1993-2002, TOYOTA CELICA ST (M/T), 1990-1993,TOYOTA COROLLA, 1993-2002) they are $70.00 a piece. I sent my wiring harness to DR Tweak that fee is $490.00 includes shiiping and insurance. I also found a after market header and down pipe combo for $190.00 . I know didnt need to buy the header but i found a good set of ceramic coated headers and it also had the drop pipe included . I also found a coil and igniter for $ 50.00. there are sevral map sensors on Ebay.Not sure which type to buy exactly seems there are many diffrent kinds for toyota. I paid $810.00 for the engine and tranny that includes shipping. So now im around $1700.00 and that should about cover it. If i was to do it agin i would buy a front clip. even with that i still would have the cost of having my wire harness made plug and play. I really need to learn how to make these harness's. would have saved me $500.00. Im still waiting on the harness. I will keep this thread updated with the swap and i will also get some pics