View Full Version : turbo civic head turner project ;)

04-06-2005, 07:47 PM
hey guys, heres some pics of my civic, it's currently getting some much needed tlc, rust is being taken care of, ricey body kit install, and turbo! should be fun, check out my cardomain for progress pics.

(i know i'm on a celica forum, i'm gathering info about turboing the 5sfe for my buddy's 91 celica gt-s, i posted in the new member forum, and was asked to post some pics, so here we go)

cardomain (www.cardomain.com/memberpage/693124/1)


current state....i miss it...

cant wait for summer!

04-06-2005, 08:59 PM

04-06-2005, 09:41 PM
neato! post progress pics....

04-06-2005, 11:09 PM
T25? thinkin of doing that to my ST.

04-07-2005, 02:50 AM
schweet :)

04-07-2005, 03:05 AM
lol it took me a minutes to realize that u had wheels infront of your actual wheels, i was thinking u had some uber wide tires, or u do like all the mexicans do here in tucson to their cavalairs and neons by making the wheels stick way out liek a cockroach, i think it will look nice wit paint

04-07-2005, 03:05 AM
lmao my first thought when I saw the pic with the rims sitting next to the car was "WTF, dualies on a CIVIC?!"

looks like it has potential :D