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03-21-2010, 05:39 PM
This is 2 threads in one, im upgrading my 94 celica st front brakes to gt brakes found on the 94-99 celica gt. Im replacing the main componets seeing as my brakes are shot anyway and i would have needed new parts so it makes sence to use the gt brake assembly.

parts replaced:
caliper brackets

Tools i used:
8mm wrench
12mm socket and wrench
14mm socket
17mm socket
21mm socket
long thick flathead skrew driver
shop jack
rags, news paper

Fluids and whatnot
dot3 brake fluid
seal gylde (lube)
brake cleaner
dawn dish soap (hand cleaner)
a&w rootbeer (i had to go to work after this was done so no real beer)
bucket of rince water
Dad (pumped pedal while i bled the brakes)

This is what im starting out with, the stock 6th gen st brakes, so 1st off remove wheel with a 21mm socket.

assembly without the wheel

remove the 2 17mm bolts from the bracket assembly

Ater removing the 12mm bolt that holds the brake line in place , you can wiggle the assembly off the wheel studs, dont let it hang like i did.I was going to replace the brake hoses but found out they were the wrong ones, instead prop it up on something.

Slide new rotor onto the studs and hand tighten 1 lug nut on 1 of the studs. Spray front and back side of the rotor with brake cleaner.
yes this pic is sideways but you get the idea

03-21-2010, 05:40 PM
Ok heres the parts you either ordered or got from the junkyard or both.
94-99 celica gt bracket
94-99 celica gt pads
94-99 celica gt calipers
brake hardware kit that came with the semiloaded caliper assembly.
note: To save some money instead of ordering caliper and braket seperately ask for semi loaded calipers for your vehicle, or loaded of you want the pads that come with the calipers.

this what comes in the kit with the semi loaded calipers, note the caliper pins have rubber rings on them, i put those on before i took the pic but they come in the kit as well, make sure to lube the pins good.

this is the lube i chose over what came in the box with the calipers plus i would have had to use the lil packet that came with em sparingly, you can get sil-glyde at napa. if you dont want to make multiple trips get 2 extra packets of brake lube instead.

this is the caliper braket you will need if you swapped to gt brakes, if not reuse your current ones unless they are damaged. Also i have found its faster to assemble the braket with the pads and what not before you really start on anything, makes the whole job faster because your unbolting old parts and bolting on new ones.

the lil rubber boots that came in the kit go on the ends of the brakets, push them in as far as you can by hand and gently tap them in with a rubber mallet

after that the pins go in, make your you propperly lubed the pins. Push them all the way in till they are seated with the boot.

now you can put the retaining clips in for the pads, you may have to bend them very slightly so they stay in place on the bracket.

after they are installed you can slide the pads on. the pads are supposed to have shims but i didnt have time to go get a set. If your keeping the original size brakes you can reuse the old ones.

i waited untill last to install the pad wishbone springs because they kept pushing the pads outta the bracket.
Note bolt the assembled braket on, then put in springs. hold assembly then bolt caliper on. This keeps the pads from poping out.

now as previously stated you can bolt the caliper up, they are 14mm bolts

now as quickly as possible, 1st remove green plug on the new caliper, then unbolt the 12 or 14mm brake hose bolt on the old caliper, replace the inner and outter brass o rings and bolt it into the new caliper were the hose was. Hand tighten it. Also have a pan or something to collect the brake fluid.
btw yes fluid is running down my hands when i took this.


new assembly should resemble this, you can now remove the lugnut that was holding the rotor in place. Spray the rotor down again with brake cleaner. After that, get a pan and a 8mm wrench and have someone pump the pedal 10 times at 1st then hold it , then you crack the bleeder open to let the air in the line escape. Repete this but only pumping the pedal 5 times and hold instead of 10.

if you upgraded your 6th gen to gt brakes heres the differnce in size.
on the left, the st 254mm rotor
on the right, the gt 275mm rotor

the gt rotor is thicker as well


Now after all this you can put your wheel back on.

done, yes im missing a lug nut, i need to dig for a new one.

questions and comments welcome