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04-05-2005, 11:03 PM
read the blue words if you cant be arsed with my story - cheers

So, on the way back from the workshop - (after having put in Slick 50 stop leak treatment and after having changed the oil and filter, after having put a new battery in, and after refitting air intake after looking for gearbox filler plug and after adjusting the boost on an industrial estate for sundays RWYB at Elvington) - 200 yds from the house, the instrument gauges go mental. :wtf:

Petrol gauge is stuck halfway, RPM and Speedo are in the same position constantly, at about 30mph and Temp gauge is at 0.

I thought 'oh feck', turned heater on full immediately and slowed right down, noticed smoke coming form the left hand bonnet vent, assumed it was the oil catch can breather filter as its posistioned right by the vent. 'FECK FECK FECK' i thought - 'ive killed my car'. boost gauges working, obviously, car feels normal, no noises, revs up a bit, feels fine. pull over and gauges start working again but temp gauge is still at the bottom, rad fan is going, heat is hot through the heaters.

Pull up outside the house, let her run for a few minutes then switched off the ignition. pulled bonnet catch - I have my cooling fan rigged to run constant, so i turn the ignition on to run the fan - nothing. dead.

'Oh lord' I asked, 'please please please' I thought.

opened the hood - straight away my eyes focus on the + battery terminal. wire is fried and burnt. realised straight away why.

i'm not rying to wriggle out of responsibility - but - my brother was giving me a hand, whilst I tightened the jubilee clips on the intake and piping, my bro tightened down the battery support. the battery is a Bosch Silver top out of the convertible and the terminals are recessed giving room for the leads to sit, however he jammed the + lead under the battery stay. we quickly put the stuff away as my wife was in my ear on the mobile as my evening meal was going cold, so off home i went.

So..... battery stay is basically a big earthing plate, the secondary + terminal wire - not the main thick wire - burnt through the rubber cover. back plate of battery stay has been wazzed with angle grinder to rid it of rust and was left unpainted, the nice shiny steel is now a nice bluey brown where it was electrically burned. :slap:

So.... temp gauge is still sitting at the bottom on cold. I suspect temp sensor is fried but will check codes and fuses first.

and.... can enyone think of other electriclal controls I should check for frying.

and.... this is fecking dejavu, same sort of thing happened this very week last year when getting the convertible ready for its first rwyb runs at elvington at my first club meet, slave cylinder went and anti roll links were fried, so missed out.

I wont let this happen this year, so i will be ordering all the parts I need tomorow and fitting friday when changing the gearbox oil.


04-06-2005, 03:02 AM
Are the engine ground wires fried?
Damage on any others?

04-06-2005, 05:27 AM
nope, just the smaller wire to the + terminal, burnt right through - had a play and connetced the wire, moved the battery stay out of the way. car starts - everything seems to work except the temp gauge. havenet checked fuses yet, will do so tomorow afternoon with some luck i hope.

04-06-2005, 06:48 AM
Oh well a new temp sensor isn't that expensive. I'm assuming you ended up giving the engine a positive field which is probably what blew the temp sensor?