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03-09-2010, 06:43 AM
I just became a member while doing search on Celicas. I have always loved Celicas, not all of them as I have my picky side. My first car was a 1975 Celica in 1986 which I kept until I blew the engine while street racing it :saythat: the car wasn't much as my parent allowed me $800 for a car and that was what I bought can't say I ever regretted it. My budget at my weekend job and school didn't leave me much money to invest on it. I had to learn mechanics on my own. Bought a Haynes repair manual and used it to learn everything about repair and maintenance from that book. my next car was a, German engineered wonder, a Jetta. To me that has been the worst experienced in cars I ever had. it kept on braking down at least three times a month; cv joint, oxidizing circuits, fuel pump circuit. Never again. Sold it to a poor chum for $500, a great looking black car but that was it, all look and nothing else.
all I buy now are Toyotas. I have had Supras and corollas. but have been wanting to buy an original 1975 celica as a project car. well, I hope one day. not now as family expenses and the kids, eat up my budget.

last year I bought a car from a poor guy who sold it to me for $700. The car is a 92 Celica with 92K miles. the paint is in good condition with minor dents and scratches but the interior is perfect super clean. He sold it to me because according to him the engine was blown. I was going to replace the engine and drive it myself. I took it home and got curious put a battery in there and turned the engine but no crank. I checked the fuel system and it seemed ok. I pulled a spark plug out to check if there was a spark but I notice that the plug was full of oil but the oil was on the outside in the metal part not in the ceramic part. I tried the rest same thing. Apparently the valve cover was loose. I cleaned it and tightened it. left a plug out checked for a spark. What! no spark. checked for power to the ignition coil. there is power. Bingo! bought a new ignition coil, installed it, cranked the engine and got me a $4000 car for about $800. I have been driving this car for over a year and love it.

I love this Celica so much that I started looking for one for my son. I found a 96 Celica with electrical problems and bought it. It is not as great of a deal as my previous car but once I get it running I know it's going to be a good car as I have had nothing but good experience from Toyotas.

03-09-2010, 06:51 AM
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